Thursday, February 23, 2017

This collage is best at showing how matching the shirt is between Oswald and Doorman. Oswald's shirt had a fine grain, and you can think of it like the fine grain of a piece of wood. And in the direct light, it would often reflect the light, as you can see on the right. He didn't spill flour on his shirt. That is light reflection. And the net effect was to give the shirt a mottled look. Mottled. That's the word. Both look mottled. And, the very layout, with the open sprawl, and the exposed t-shirt, and the sunken collar on the t-shirt, and this:

The only way Oswald and Lovelady could have been dressed that much alike is if they required the wearing of uniforms at the TSBD. But, they didn't. And the idea that Oswald and Lovelady just woke up that morning and did it spontaneously? Anyone older than 3 should know that that didn't happen. 

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