Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I have learned more from John Armstrong about the situation regarding El Toro and Santa Ana. Remember: they were separate facilities: a large Marine airport- the largest military airport in Southern California, El Toro; and a much smaller radar station that also accommodated helicopters, the "Lighter than Air" station in Santa Ana. The name came from the fact that it started as a blimp-port. El Toro had 5000 Marines; Santa Ana 500.

The way Officialdom has dealt with this problem is to gloss it over by falsely implying that they were really like one big happy base, which some called El Toro and others called Santa Ana. Wrong. That is a lie. They were two totally separate and distinct facilities separated by a distance of 10 miles as the crow flies, and 15 miles by road. 

We know about the people at Santa Ana who testified as to knowing a small Lee Harvey Oswald who spoke Russian and was enthused about Communism, who had little interest in guns, such as Nelson Delgado. But, there were Marines at El Toro who claimed that they knew a Lee Harvey Oswald who was NOT a little guy, who didn't give a shit about Russian or Communism, and who worked with them at El Toro. Alan Graf  is one such Marine from El Toro. I have the last names of several others: Sawchuck, King, and Dauthier. Now, the Warren Commission did not want to have these guys come in to testify. However, a Warren Commission investigator by the name of John Hart Ely did talk to them, and he was baffled by what they told him. And he did express his bewilderment to the higher-ups.

Then, there was the provost officer at El Toro, who John explained to me was like the chief of police on the base. And, he told John Hart Ely that a Lee Harvey Oswald was released from there, discharged, in March 1959. The Oswald at Santa Anna didn't get out until September. 

There is simply no doubt that there were two Lee Harvey Oswalds, one at each of these distinct bases. It can't be brushed off. 

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