Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I found another proof that the Garage Shooter was not Jack Ruby. It goes like this: Will Fritz height was 5'8". Jack Ruby's height was 5' 8 1/2". The human eye is not likely to register on a difference that small, so for practical purposes, they would have appeared about the same height.But, if anything, Ruby would have appeared slightly taller than Fritz. But, in the basement, we have views of Fritz and the Garage Shooter in which they are pretty close to each other, and it is very apparent that the Garage Shooter was significantly shorter than Fritz,. Therefore, the Garage Shooter could not have been Jack Ruby, who was at least as tall as Fritz, if not taller.

Now for the sources. My source for Ruby' height is John Armstrong.

"The Jack Ruby who killed Oswald was just 5' 8-1/2" tall. "

And note that John's bio page on Jack Ruby is the most detailed and substantial bio of Jack Ruby I have ever seen and is well worth reading. I'll give you the link.

My source for Fritz' height is Lee Harvey Oswald who was 5'9".

So, there are Oswald and Fritz at the Midnight Press Conference. This is a bit tricky because the rendering of the three dimensional space into a two dimensional image complicates the comparison. But, I am confident based on what we are seeing here that Fritz was shorter than Oswald by about an inch. 

And to reinforce it, I'll add this image.

That's Boyd carrying the rifle in front of Fritz. But you can see how short Fritz was. Look how short his legs were. 

He was considerably shorter than Curry. And here's one more view:

So, 5'8" is a reasonable designation for Will Fritz based on the available evidence. He should not have towered over the Garage Shooter if the Garage Shooter was Ruby.  But, he did tower over the Garage Shooter.

The Garage Shooter was a short man of about 5'6", and he was FBI Agent James Bookhout. 

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