Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Interesting comment here about James Bookhout from his obit:

"He was a calm person and thought he'd make a good agent because he didn't get rattled," said his wife, Charlotte Bookhout of Dallas.

Bookhout was calm. He didn't get rattled. I bet Oswald appreciated his calmness. I am guessing that he spoke to Oswald and directed questions to him very respectfully. I think it was calculated on his part. I think it was cunning. I would even say Machiavellian. And I think it worked. I think he won Oswald over. I bet you Bookhout deserved the FBI equivalent of an Oscar. The very fact that Oswald went up to him in the hall to speak to him, to continue a conversation with him- name one other law enforcement officer with whom he did that? You can't. There weren't any others. Just Bookhout.

That's Bookhout on the left, the short guy. And, of course, that's Oswald on the right. If you watch the tape you see that Oswald initiated this exchange. He went to talk to Bookhout. IN THE HALL. This was extra-curricular. I think he developed a lot of rapport with Bookhout, which surpassed anything he developed with anyone else. And that may be very connected to the ruse they pulled off on Sunday morning, which was the next morning after the scene above.  

James Bookhout was definitely the shooter in the garage shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

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