Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This is Fritz looking back before he marches out ahead of the trio. 

What was he looking back for? This was supposed to be a 20 foot walk to put a guy in a car and then drive away. How come this "prisoner transfer" had as much pomp and circumstance as a royal wedding? Why did Fritz have to be there at all? He wasn't going along to the County Jail. It was going to be Leavelle, Graves, and Dhority in the car with Oswald- as it would later be the three of them in the ambulance with Oswald. 

All this formality and ceremonial air is pretty revolting, as in making one sick in the stomach. Again: it was supposed to be a 20 foot walk to a car and then driving away.  But, Fritz and the other cops knew it wasn't going to be just that. They knew it was going to be a spectacle, and it was their spectacle. 

This was a split-second before the shooting. You can see that Leavelle is completely out of it, not even looking towards "Ruby". That he claimed to see Ruby, to see the gun, to know what was about to happen, to try to pull Oswald behind him, and to poke "Ruby" in the shoulder is just amazing, the breadth and magnitude of his lying. But, what about Graves? How could "Ruby" brush in front of Graves, right in front of him, and Graves not see him?

Graves wasn't handcuffed to Oswald, so he could have let go of his left arm and used his right hand to grab or chop at or deflect "Ruby's" gun-toting arm. Graves' right arm had to be mere inches from Ruby's. And he could have seen him sooner than that if he had just looked around. He needed to look to his left. There wasn't going to be an attack from his right. No one was going to come crashing through the wall. Plus, it was lined with cops. That side was safe. This was a field that needed to be scanned. All Graves had to do was turn his head to the left, and he would have seen "Ruby" coming before he got there. How did he not do that?

I am reminded of the movie A Few Good Men in which Tom Cruise' character, the defense lawyer Lt. Caffe, was questioning Jack Nicholson's character, the Marine General Jessup:

Lt. Caffe: Did you consider Santiago to be in danger?
General Jessup: Yes, I did.
Lt. Caffe: Grave danger?
General Jessup: Is there any other kind?

Well, Oswald was considered to be in grave danger. They said so. Repeatedly. So, knowing that Oswald was in grave danger, why didn't Graves look around for the danger? 

He didn't look around because if he had, he would have seen "Ruby" and then he would have had no excuse for not disrupting his plan. He had to not see Ruby.

This next frame is funny. Blackie Harrison has got his hand to his mouth to take a proper puff from his cigar. The shot has already gone off.

Now, you'd think he'd ditch the cigar at this point, but it must have been a Cuban because he keeps it.

Now, the above image is a good one that establishes the short stature of the Garage Shooter. Jack Ruby was 5' 8 1/2" and that man is definitely not that tall. He was about 5'6". And I can prove it. Notice that he is significantly shorter than Will Fritz on the left. Can you, or can you not see that he is sizably shorter than Fritz?

So, how tall was Captain Will Fritz? It isn't listed anywhere, and there is no reason why it should be. But, we can compare him to someone of known height to figure out his height. And I have just the candidate: Lee Harvey Oswald.

Do you see that man in the front center in the white hat? That is Fritz. You can recognize the glasses.

By the way, the caption in the picture was to make fun of Backes. For months, he claimed that Detective Baker was Bookhout, and we know that Bookhout needed a pedestal to look over the newsmen in the hallway to find Hosty. Huh: like that tall guy would ever have to do that. Also, Bookhout said that when watching the motorcade on Main Street he never laid eyes on Kennedy because there were people in front of him. I guess there were no pedestals handy.  

But, what I want you to notice is that Fritz was about the same height as Oswald.

It's a little tricky because there is a difference in their depth in the camera field which affects how high they are in the picture. But, as I look at that, I am satisfied that they were about the same height. If anything, I would say that Oswald was slightly taller, but no more than 1 inch. So, Fritz may have been 5' 8". 

So, Oswald was 5' 9".  Jack Ruby was 5' 8 1/2". And Will Fritz was 5'8". Half an inch is not very discernible to the human eye. So, for all practical purposes, Fritz and Ruby were the same height. Therefore, Fritz and the Garage Shooter should have been the same height if the Garage Shooter was Ruby.  

But, Fritz was a lot taller than the Garage Shooter. He was a lot taller as in about 2 inches taller which is very discernible to the human eye. 

Hence, the Garage Shooter was a lot shorter than Ruby and thus could not be Ruby. And this image proves it.

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