Saturday, February 11, 2017

Does Debra Conway really believe that Oswald was Prayer Man? She made the book about it her JFK book of the year, but does she believe the premise?

The answer is: not even slightly. How can she? Isn't Debra Conway very close with Buell Frazier?

Doesn't she endorse him and vouch for him and defend him and invite him to everything? Doesn't she believe him and believe in him? 

Well, according to the Prayermanites, Buell Frazier was standing next to Prayer Man, who was Oswald.

And notice that "Frazier" is facing in the direction of "Oswald". Don't you agree that he had to see him? That there could be no way that "Frazier" was unaware of "Oswald," according to that picture? 

Therefore, if the Prayermanite dogma were true, Buell Frazier should be the staunchest supporter of Oswald in the doorway. 

But, as you know, he is not. Frazier denies Oswald in the doorway. He states emphatically that Oswald was NOT in the doorway, that he did not see him there.

I have heard Debra Conway put down Oswald in the Altgens doorway based on what Buell Frazier says. And yet, she's giving awards to people who claim that Frazier was facing and looking directly at Oswald in the doorway? What is going on here? 

I'll tell you what is going on here. What's going on here is the world of JFK; a world that is very sick and twisted; where people say and do things that make no sense; where alliances are formed based not on shared beliefs but on shared enemies. Remember how Ronald Reagan used to say, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"? Well, applies in the world of JFK. 

These people are all in the network that is fighting Oswald in the doorway, the real one, the Altgens doorway. And it is the biggest threat there is in the JFK realm. So, anyone who is opposed to it, who says it isn't so, is welcome in the club- regardless of what else he believes. All other differences are put aside for the sake of their common purpose: opposing Oswald in the Altgens doorway.

And that is what this is about. I don't think, for one second, that Debra Conway has the slightest inclination to believe that Prayer Man was Oswald. This is political. And just as politics on the national level is very dirty and corrupt, so is politics in the JFK world. It makes for strange bedfellows, strange alliances. Remember when Joseph Backes said that he had Hank Sienzant's back? Hank Sienzant is a lone-nutter. Backes is supposed to be a CT who believes that the Dallas Police concocted Oswald's bus and cab rides. So, why would Backes tell a lone-nutter that he's got his back? It's because the enemy of his enemy is his friend.   


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