Thursday, February 9, 2017

This rendering of the core of the Jackson photo is from the Living History interview of Bob Jackson at the Sixth Floor Museum. The interviewer went on and on lauding it, that it will always be in the history books, that it is the defining image from the JFK assassination. Oh really? I thought it was the Oswald assassination.

But, let us count the ways that this image is fake. First: "Ruby's" hair is fake. Nobody wore hair that long in 1963, and Jack Ruby certainly didn't. Nobody did. Second: there is an extra right arm with a thumb showing that is clasped with the left arm that is slapped to the chest. That is two arms. There is no way that that is one anatomical hand. Third, on Oswald's other right hand below, the thumb is turned the wrong way. His hand is supinated, which means the palm side is up. Turn your own hand palm-side up. What does the thumb do? You don't see the nail side of the thumb showing like you do there. Fourth, Leavelle's forearm coming over to get into Oswald's pants is fake. There is no connection between that forearm and his arm coming down from his shoulder. Fifth, this is described as occurring .3 second after the shot, but the shot was taken with different positioning, with "Ruby" attacking from the side and sticking the gun in Oswald's left rib cage. There is no way that this arrangement existed at that time. Sixth, why does the handcuff look so thick and porcelain when it was just a plain, regular, grey metal handcuff? And seventh, and this is brand-new, where is Graves' right shoulder? Isn't it missing? Stay tuned, because we are getting the hell into this. 

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