Thursday, February 23, 2017

You have to understand something: there are men, and there are clothes. Men differ. Each and every one is distinct and unique, and no two are the same, except for identical twins. 

But, there is no connection whatsoever between men and clothes. Any man can wear any clothes. 

So, even if two men look alike, there is NO likelihood from that, that they will also dress alike. It doesn't spill over. It's like a separate drawing in the lottery. 

But, in this case, we have a very good likeness of the man, and we also have a very good likeness of the clothes.

And it goes way beyond the limits of reason to suggest that Lee Harvey Oswald LOOKED that much alike and also DRESSED that much alike. Just from being co-workers at the same company? 

Here is a group of ATI employees. You see any two men or any two women there who look and dress the same?

Point out the Oswald and Lovelady equivalents to me. 

Here's a group of BSU employees:

Again: where are the Oswald/Lovelady equivalents as per the official story?

This is a company called Newell Brands.

The world of clothing is vast. This is reality. This involves stepping out of the dark, twisted, corrupt, evil world of JFK and getting into the light. This is real. And this is the same man. They look the same and are dressed the same because they are the same man. 

Oswald and Lovelady did not look alike, and they certainly did not dress alike. The likeness we see above- in both the man and the clothing- can only come from it being the same man. 

Trump spoke of politics being a swamp. Well, if politics is a swamp, then the JFK realm is a cesspool. 

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