Thursday, February 9, 2017

I just discovered a new anomaly in the Jackson photo. It is LC Graves' missing right shoulder.

I'll go through it point by point. First, notice that there is a big looming shoulder there, but that is mostly the shoulder of the guy behind Graves. His jacket was slightly lighter than Graves'. On the greyscale of the black and white photo, it's slightly lighter. Look on the right at Graves' left shoulder. Do you see how dark his jacket was? So, that's what we need to see on the left, but we mostly see the lighter jacket of the other man. And you know that that can't be Graves' shoulder because it could not be connected to the hand and wrist that are holding Oswald's arm. Look at that hand, and look at that where they are going. They're not going up to that visible shoulder. They are going to the right. But, it's like his forearm is parallel with the ground. Can you see that the line of his forearm is nearly parallel with the bottom of the picture which means with the ground? So, what must we assume from that? That is elbow was bent 90 degrees? But still, his forearm is not going up to his arm.

So, you can clearly see that it's the other guy's shoulder behind, and you can see where his arm is going in its lighter jacket. Then we can barely see the sleeve of Graves' very dark jacket next to his wrist. So, that tells us the direction his arm was going. And then we look up and we see the junction between Graves and the guy behind him. But where is Graves' right shoulder? We are seeing a smidgen there, but it has no connection to the forearm below. Look at it again in masse without any markings.

Where is LC Graves' right shoulder. Are we supposed to believe that .3 second after the shot that Graves was that far away from Oswald? And even if he was, how come we don't see his right shoulder? This is how it was at the moment of the shot:

Notice that we're not seeing Blackie Harrison's arm going through as we do in the Jackson photo. We're not seeing Graves turned. What we see in the Jackson photo does not make sense, and LC Graves' right shoulder is missing. And anyone who wants to defend it can just shut the pluck up and get a camera out and reproduce it. 

Graves' right shoulder is missing, and there is no place for it to be in this picture. There is no room for it in the picture. 

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