Sunday, February 19, 2017

Wow. This is chilling. I was just informed by the Wizard that the man who created the "beached whale" effect in the KRLD footage, blocking our view, was none other than Bob Jackson. And the man who nudges him to get out of the way is Bob Huffaker. Let's think about the significance of this. 

First, you know Bob Jackson wasn't that big or wide, and you know that that degree of distortion of his person would not occur spontaneously. He truly swells up like a beached whale. So, it was a deliberate obfuscation, and now we know it more than ever.  Note that Jackson said he had one foot on the bumper of the car on the left when he took his famous photo, which would mean that he moved after that to where we see him now. But wait: here he is beforehand:

If you watch the KRLD footage, you will see that the car pulling in, with Charles Dhority driving, was still moving when Bookhout shot Oswald. So, how could Bob Jackson have had his foot on the bumper when he took the picture?

I'm pretty sure that is Jackson there on the left. The car was moving. And it will advance further.

Do you, of do you not, see that the car has advanced further? And this is after the shot, so there is no way that Bob Jackson had his foot up on the bumper of a moving car. 

Is this Jackson? 

But wait, let's think about it. The bloated whale shot prevented us from seeing the view, and that was Jackson in the way.

He suddenly swells up in front of your eyes in the KRLD footage. But, he was holding a camera at the time. So, why wasn't he snapping away and capturing the view that we can't see?

And after that, he is very careful not to block the view of the KRLD cameraman behind him. He hunches down, stays low, etc. But, why didn't he do that before? Are we supposed to believe he was oblivious to the guy?

And what about Huffaker nudging him down out of the way only when there was nothing left to see?

Why didn't he nudge him away earlier? It was his cameraman that Jackson was blocking, so why didn't Huffaker nudge him away earlier?

The complicity of the journalists and photojournalists is now on the table. 

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