Sunday, February 19, 2017

This is a weird image from another film. We see Oswald clasping his hands in front, which was his habit; he was doing it in the doorway. But, would he do it when he had another man's hand cuffed to his? 

That is supposed to be Leavelle's hand tucked in Oswald's pants.
But, let's think about it a second. Which came first? It had to be Oswald's action. Because if he left his hand down, Leavelle couldn't put his hand in his pants because Oswald's hanging arm would have been in the way. Look at the picture:

How is the cop, who is on our left, going to get his hand in the other's pants if that's the arrangement? The cop can't jump his hand over the other guy's hand to get to his pants. And imagine if he could? Imagine how weird it would be. Imagine how startling and uncomfortable it would be to the prisoner. So, in this other case, Oswald had to start it by pulling his right hand over to meet his left, which meant pulling Leavelle's hand over as well. 

But, why would Oswald do that? No matter how accustomed he was to clasping his hands, he would have known better than to do it here. Let's look at it closer.

Why do we not see Leavelle's cream-colored sleeve? Why does it look all dark?

I said: How come we do not see the cream-colored sleeve of Leavelle's jacket? Was he, or was he not, wearing a cream-colored suit? His arm had to be on front of Oswald. This isn't even physically possible. How many times do I have to tell you that you have movement at the wrist and movement at the elbow but nothing in-between. It's just long bones. Leavelle is snug against Oswald, so how can he get his hand to veer over like that?

What is the "story" of that image? To me, it looks like Leavelle had his arm threaded between Oswald's torso and Oswald's arm, and then, supposedly, he reached over to grab his pants. But that's IMPOSSIBLE if they were handcuffed together. The only way it could happen is if he threaded his arm first and then the handcuffs were applied. He couldn't possibly do it if they started like this:

And again, the very idea is preposterous. In this situation, both men would respect the fact that they're not comfortable, and both would realize that for it to be least uncomfortable, neither should do anything. There should be no sudden movements. You don't pull his arm to you; he doesn't pull your arm to him. Both remain as stable, and as still as possible. They're not going to do anything like this:

For Christ's sake! They're not going to do that. That is if they could do it, which they couldn't. And why does Oswald's right hand look so weird? It looks like all his figures are the exact same length. And they don't even look like fingers. Look: this is just more weird JFK assassination photographic shit. You hear me? This was faked, and it was faked shittily. The JFK assassination, including the Oswald assassination, is the most photographically altered event in the history of Mankind. It is a monstrosity of photographic alteration; an abomination of photographic alteration. And really, the JFK assassination is a microcosm of all the evil that comprises the American government, the American media, and the American way of group-think. The way this was done is so stupid. The people who did it were stupid. The people who believe it, now and then, are stupid. It has been a reign of evil and stupidity, and it continues. But, I'll tell you something: this is going to fall. It's going to fall just like the historical lies of the Soviet Union fell when they lost control. It's going to go down like a freight elevator at the TSBD whose cables have been cut. 

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