Tuesday, February 28, 2017

W. Tracy Parnell thinks that these two are the same woman.

Why does he believe it? Because Robert Oswald claims it. He also believes that the woman on the left is only 16 years old.  16.

Does that look like a 16 year old to you? 

Meanwhile, there is a girl standing next to her who does look to be 16.

And her image correlates very well with known images of the real Marguerite.

But, we are supposed to ignore all that because Robert Oswald says that the 35 year old was his 16 year old mother. 

But how, in the name of Christ Almighty God, could this tall slinky woman:

be this pipsqueak?

It only shows that JFK-land is a Bizarro World, devoid of all reason. It's like its own Twilight Zone. Nothing has to make sense. Nothing has to add up. You only have to believe.  

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