Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Wizard has done something that is new to our endeavors, and that is to develop a paradigm of how the post-shooting movements took place in the garage. We have known all along that the Pack of Penguins moved Bookhout northward, meaning towards the Main Street ramp. Was that to facilitate the removal of Oswald, to leave the pathway wide open for him? Oswald exited first and then Bookhout. That seems to be what happened. 


This gif and these frames are from the 2003 Gary Mack cleaned up version of the WFAA film. In the gif, keep your eyes to the right of the picture. You will see Fritz, but, more importantly, Leavelle crouching over Oswald at 5.00 seconds after the shot and then on his feet and fleeing the scene at 9.00 seconds after the shot. If he was still cuffed to Oswald, Oswald must have been on his feet as well. Note that when Leavelle played himself in the 1978 movie, he de-cuffed Oswald only after they got through the door of the jail office.

It seems that the choreography was organised in such a way that the swarm around Bookhout moved off briefly to the right and cleared a path for Leavelle and Oswald, who escaped first, with the swarm immediately closing the gap behind them. At the same time the various agents pressed up against the cameras to obscure the view - the "curtains of invisibility".


RC: I would like to add that there is no reason to believe or accept that Leavelle was carrying Oswald at that time. He is not doing that there.

RC: So, 5 seconds after the shot, Leavelle is still looking down at Oswald and hasn't begun to pick him up yet. 

RC: I think that is way too vague to claim to know what it is. It's anybody's guess. And who knows, maybe it's more fake imagery to make us think we're seeing Oswald being carried. What exactly is it? Again: it's anybody's guess. 

RC: So, that's from the tv movie. And it's Leavelle playing himself. So, it's him and the officer who helped him carry Oswald hovering over him. Leavelle's story was and is that it involved just 2 men: he and another men carrying Oswald. But then there's Combest who lied and said that it was he and Leavelle and Graves, which we know is false. And remember also that Combest is the one who said that Oswald was responsive and attentive and making head gestures to communicate inside the police station. That was yet another lie. Combest was an extreme, fanciful liar. He did it with gusto. But of course, he didn't remain in the limelight: Leavelle did. And Leavelle was a liar too and from the start. But, I liken James Leavelle to people like Judyth Baker and Beverly Oliver, who have been telling their lies for so long that they remain immersed in the lies 24/7; they never come up for air. They have coped with the situation by deluding themselves along with everyone else, and perhaps the same is true for Leavelle. He's been telling his tales and spinning his yarns for so long that on some level he has probably come to believe them.  

But, I like the gist of what the Wizard said, that the Penguins drifted northward to give Oswald and his party the space to scurry out of there unimpeded. But, why should that have been important? Why couldn't they let the world see Oswald being carried- just as they did in the tv movie?  It is because Oswald wasn't really shot; yet.   

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