Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I have been reading more about this William Joseph Bryan, the physician-hypnotist that many link to hypnotizing Sirhan Sirhan. It's interesting stuff, but what I'm focused on right now is his mysterious death on March 4, 1977 in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

He was only 51 years, and obviously, that is pretty young for anyone to die. And, they just said that he died of "natural causes" and that was before the autopsy was done. And then, we never got the results of the autopsy. So, to this day, we don't know what he died of.

And March 4, 1977 was during the HSCA. So, if you are of a suspicious mind, like I am, then you have to wonder if this was one of the many offings that took place during the HSCA. 

But, the HSCA was concerned with the JFK assassination, and secondarily with the MLK assassination. It is suspected that Bryan may have hypnotized James Earl Ray. Ray admitted going to Los Angeles and being hypnotized by a doctor there. So, that's one possibility, but yet, I rather doubt it; that West was killed for that reason. First, even though both assassinations were being investigated, have any deaths been attributed to the MLK case? Haven't they all been associated with JFK?

So, I started looking into any possible association of Bryan with the JFK case. I did find a geographical association: Bryan was geographically close to Dr. Louis Joylan West, Ruby's psychiatrist, who was known as the "Maestro of Mind Control." Bryan's American Hypnosis Institute was on Sunset Blvd. in West L.A. while West was at UCLA. I went to UCLA. And I would drive up the 405 and get off at Wilshire. But, Sunset was, and is, just a couple exits before Wilshire. And, it's a big campus, so depending on where you were going, you might get off at Sunset to go to UCLA. So, they were darn close. Did they know each other? They were both CIA. 

But, I found out something else: references to Bryan knowing David Ferrie and even training him in hypnosis. They were definitely both working for the CIA, so it's reasonable that they would have crossed paths. And, it so happened, that they were both avid members of the "Old Catholic Church" which is totally separate from the Pope-led Roman Catholic Church.  So, that is a lot to have in common. 

I know of no evidence that Dr. West ever saw Jack Ruby before the Oswald shooting. So, I can't assume that he used mind control on Ruby to prepare him for 11/24/63. But, somebody did. So, who was it? Was it David Ferrie? If Ferrie learned hypnosis from Bryan, then maybe it was. 

But first, is there evidence that Jack Ruby and David Ferrie knew each other? Apparently, there is.  In the 1950s, both Ruby and Ferrie were involved in drug-running for the CIA. And at first, it was guns going to and for Castro to help him. Remember, Castro wasn't talking Communism and Marxism in the beginning. We liked him then. But, once he became a Marxist, then the CIA flipped and started running guns to stop Castro. Both, Ruby and Ferrie went through that flip-flop: first running guns to Castro and then running guns against Castro. That's a lot to have in common too.

I'll point out that everything I said above, about Ruby and Ferrie, Jim Garrison stated in his Playboy interview in 1967. Except: he added a third figure to it: Lee Harvey Oswald. He said all three of them were involved. But unfortunately, Jim Garrison didn't know and couldn't know about the work of John Armstrong about the Two Oswalds, Harvey and Lee, which hadn't been done yet. So, I think Garrison was right, but he just didn't know that he was talking about "Lee" and not "Harvey," the Oswald of fame.    

"Around the time that Kennedy died in Dallas, Jack Ruby had been in the company of two known hypnotists. One of them was CIA agent David Ferrie, from New Orleans. The other was Billie Del Mar, who was then entertaining in Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. Del Mar fled from Dallas the day of the Kennedy assassination, and was never called to testify before the Warren Commission." 

"The extent and scope of these methods of ordering behavior and erasing memory, following these acts of murder, has to be exposed. You can erase the memory of a murder from a person's mind through hypnosis. You can also implant the conviction that a man has committed a murder, when in fact, he has not. This happened in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, where it was suggested to Sirhan Sirhan, by his psychiatrist, how he killed Robert Kennedy." Mae Brussell, INSIDE THE HEARST KIDNAPPING

I am going to stay on this. 

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