Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Think logically. That is Jim Leavelle carrying "Oswald" in the tv movie Ruby and Oswald, but if he did it any differently than he did on 11/24/63 then something is terribly wrong. Now, let's analyze this. One of them has got to have his hand under Oswald's head or else it would drop. He's unconscious. Remember? Of course, in this case, the actor could be contracting muscles to hold his head up. The real Oswald couldn't do that because he was unconscious. Remember? 

So, where is Leavelle's left arm? It's underneath Oswald at the top of his body, right? Let's say underneath Oswald's right shoulder and the top of his back. That would mean that Oswald's right arm was also underneath his own right shoulder and the top of his back. And if his hand isn't cupping Oswald's head, then the other guy's has to be. But, how could that be done with your hand cuffed to Oswald's? If you try to take Oswald's hand with you behind his back, it's going to cause strain and discomfort. And even then, you couldn't get his hand high enough and far enough to reach the top of his back, let alone the back of his head. The limitation of movement prevents it. Try it yourself. Try to get your right hand behind you to the top of your back. You can't do it, and it can't be done. Why would anyone even try? If you had the key to the handcuffs in your pocket, why wouldn't you just remove them first? It's not like there was any hurry. There was no aid waiting for Oswald inside the jail office. Absolutely nothing was done for Oswald inside. He was just dumped on the floor. What we are seeing below from the movie could not possibly have happened in real life. 

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