Saturday, February 25, 2017

We have seen oodles of pictures of the book stacks at the TSBD, such as this one.

But, how come we have never seen a picture of the shipping room where Oswald supposedly build his paper bag out of shipping paper and tape? And how come it isn't even indicated on the plat of the 1st floor where it was supposedly located?

That's too small for you to see, but none of those rooms say Shipping. And here's another biggie: How come we never see any stack of packages of completed orders? You know, where they are wrapped and strung and labeled and stamped? And even on November 22, there was work done that morning. Frazier and Oswald and others were filling orders, and Harold Norman was checking orders, and Troy West was wrapping orders. So, where were the results? Where was the morning's output?

Then, we have this bizarre testimony of Troy West:

Mr. Belin. Where did you make coffee? 
Mr. WEST. Well, it is down on the first floor in the same department where I wrap mail at. 
Mr. BELIN. Well, I have a first floor-map here of the School Book Depository. Here is Elm Street and here is the front entrance. Here is Mr. Truly’s office, and here is Mr. Shelley’s office. There is the stairway down to the basement, and there are the elevators and the back stairway. There are the toilets there. About where would you wrap mail there? Here is the domino room and the shower. You are looking here, that is north Elm Street runs this way and Houston Street runs that way. It is shown on that diagram. 
Mr. WEST. Well, my place was in the west side of the other building. 

Huh? The other building? But, Belin just ignored that and went on talking as though it was the TSBD. 

But, think about it. This mailing operation involved the use of a noisy string tying machine, like the Bunn. And here you can hear it:

What a racket. You can't tell me that they had that going out in the open on the 1st floor. There had to be a room for that. But, from the testimony and the plat, you get the impression that there was no room. And that means that Oswald, supposedly, built his bag out of shipping paper and tape right out in the open on the 1st floor. And nobody saw him? 

So, we have no mailing room; we have no stack of completed orders, ready for the post office; we know absolutely nothing about how packages were labeled; and we know absolutely nothing about how packages were stamped. We also don't know how they got to the post office. Did the post office pick them up? Did they have a truck that delivered them there? 

But, this was a company of 75 employees. 75. Plus, they had other expenses besides salaries, such as rent on the building, utilities, supplies, etc. Plus, they had to pay taxes. Plus, they expected to make a profit. So, all that money had to come out of the margin between their costs and the sale prices of the books, which they were apparently selling 2 or 3 at a time. 

So, how many little parcels of books would they have to move each day in order to support all that? We should be seeing a mountain of completed orders to support all that. But, we don't see any. Not one. 

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Something stinks in Zanzibar. 

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