Friday, February 10, 2017


I watched Living History with Bob Jackson, mostly for Oswald shooting information. I'm not sure whether he is listed as a car stop witness per se, but he did say that one of the motorcycle cops rode "up" the grassy knoll, jumped off his bike and let it carry on until it fell over. He did not name the officer or say where the bike ended up, but I thought that this should be noted.

I happened to listen to the interview with Jerry Coley about the pool of blood a few weeks ago. I am so on the alert for signs of Bookhout that, when Jerry mentioned the two hostile FBI agents and, in particular, 'the taller of the two', that caught my interest, even though I know that Bookhout was on leave after the assassination (for some reason). Starved for Bookhout references!


Wizard, we need to rethink the whole idea of Bookhout having been on leave. He said he was on leave at the time of the assassination. But, why should we believe him? We know he was a liar. He said that Oswald said he ate his lunch after the shooting, but we know that that's not true- that Oswald said it or did it.

Bookhout went on leave immediately AFTER the assassination, and he was on leave at the time he was interviewed by the WC.  Not wanting his leave to be linked to the assassination, he claimed to already be on leave before the assassination. But, was he? When people go "on leave" it usually means they are going away somewhere, like a sabbatical. Or, it might mean that they had a sick spouse or other family member to take are of. But, why would James Bookhout have gone on leave? Plus, he admitted that he had gone into the FBI office on the 22nd to turn in some paperwork, or something. Does that sound like being on leave? Then, he claimed that he went to the Mercantile Bank on Main Street for personal business and that after that, he watched the motorcade from Main Street. However, he said he never laid eyes on JFK because there were people in front of him. But, after word reached the people on the street that JFK had been shot, he thought that he ought to go into the office to see if they needed him. Does that sound like leave? And then he said he ran into two FBI agents he knew who told him that the higher-ups wanted him to proceed to the DPD, and so he did.  But, does that sound like leave? Why would they be assigning him to do something if he was on leave? 

We know for a fact that that just days before the assassination that James Bookhout sent an inter-office telegram to J. Edgar Hoover in Washington. James Bookhout had the lowest rank for an FBI agent except for provisional agent. So, why would he be telegramming the head of the FBI in Washington just days before the assassination? Obviously, they were setting things up. Hoover knew it was coming. And so did Bookhout. And they were pre-planning their response. 

I think it's time to realize that James Bookhout was just trying to divert attention away from the fact that he immediately went on leave AFTER the assassination, and it was part and parcel of him needing to remain completely out of view for many months until things died down about what happened to Oswald. James Bookhout was a liar; a pathological liar.  

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