Thursday, February 9, 2017

I have a newfound respect for Marita Lorenz after reading her HSCA testimony. There, they browbeat her mercilessly, essentially threatening her with arrest for saying that she saw Lee Harvey Oswald in Florida in 1960 and 1961 when the Oswald of fame was in Russia. And she held her ground. She refused to budge. She essentially said, in effect: 

"God damn it; I'm telling you that I saw Lee Harvey Oswald in Florida in 1960 and 1961, and nothing you can say will make me change my mind. If it doesn't work for you, that is your problem; not mine. I know what I experienced: I know who I saw; and when I saw him. And I will not be pressured by you to rewrite the memories of my life. There was a Lee Harvey Oswald in Florida in '60 and '61, and I saw him and interacted with him. If you don't like it, that's tough."

Tough lady. Gorgeous, but tough. No doubt the sadder but wiser kind- if you are familiar with the song.

Now, this morning I presented the quandary concerning this Dr. William Joseph Bryan, the CIA hypnotist who died very mysteriously in a Las Vegas hotel room at the age of 52 during the HSCA. And, I expressed my opinion that if he was killed, it must surely have been for JFK and not MLK. There wasn't much killing going on over MLK.

So, what would they be killing Bryan for over JFK? We know of no direct contact he had Oswald or Ruby. I've often wondered if they brought in a psychiatrist for Marina. It seems like something they would have done, doesn't it? Here, she was severely traumatized and they put her in "protective custody" because, of course, so many people wanted to kill her. So, besides feeding her and housing her, etc., I bet they got her medical care, including a good psychiatric doctor; good in the CIA sense. So, who was he?

I also brought up the ties between William Bryan and David Ferrie, how they were both "bishops" in the Old Catholic Church. I also found a single reference to Bryan teaching hypnosis to Ferrie. 

But, what about a connection between Jack Ruby and David Ferrie? Now, that's something that my friend John Armstrong did not bring up on his extensive page on Jack Ruby. However, there is no doubt that Ruby made repeated trips to Louisiana. He had a whole big gun-running business going there. He even bought a boat to transport the guns. So, if he was going to Louisiana on a regular basis, he could easily have been seeing Ferrie. And something that John did point out is that the other guys that Ruby was working with in that operation all eventually got in trouble, as in arrested, such as Carlos Prio, the former President of Cuba, and Robert Ray McKeown. But not Ruby. Never Ruby. Never was he ever bothered by authorities. And he acted like he knew nothing bad was going to happen to him. He never seemed worried or concerned about getting arrested, even though what he was doing was illegal. 

Then, there was something else that occurred to me from reading John's write-up on Ruby, and it concerns why they had to get HARVEY Oswald to go to New Orleans. Of course, I know about the reason pertaining to setting him up as a pro-Castro sympathizer. But now, I realize there was more to it than that because that Spring and Summer of 1963 was a time that LEE Oswald was running loose in Dallas, doing stuff to frame Harvey in advance. And do you know who he was hanging out with? He was hanging out with Jack Ruby. 

During the summer and fall of 1963, while HARVEY, Marina, and June Oswald were living in New Orleans, Jack Ruby and LEE Oswald were seen together by many people in and around Dallas.
  • In the summer of 1963 Dorothy Marcum was dating Ruby and her aunt worked for Ruby. Dorothy told the FBI that LEE Oswald worked for Ruby during June and July and the two men definitely knew each other.

  • Ruby was interviewing Francis Irene Hise for a job as a waitress when a young man entered the Carousel Club and Ruby said “Hi, Ozzie” to the young man. After she was hired Miss Hise served drinks to “Ozzie," whom she recognized after the assassination as LHO.

  • Another employee, Clyde Malcolm Limbough, worked for Ruby three years and saw Oswald in Ruby's office on several occasions.

  • Helen Kay Smith (“Pixie Lynn”), who worked at the Carousel, told the Dallas Police that she saw Ruby and Oswald together on several occasions.

  • Other employees of Ruby who saw Oswald in the Carousel Club were William Crowe, Wally Weston, Dixie Lynn, and Kathy Kay.

  • Robert Roy was Ruby's auto mechanic and said that Oswald used to drop off Ruby's car for repairs. Roy then drove Oswald back to Ruby's “burlesque house.”

  • Ruby parked his car at Gibbs Auto Service and occasionally allowed friends and associates to borrow his car. Leon Woods was the manager of Gibbs and kept a “check-in and check-out” book that listed the names of people who took Ruby's car from the garage. Mr. Woods gave the book to the FBI following the assassination of President Kennedy, which the FBI later denied.

  • During the last week of July (1963) Western Union employee Marshall Hicks delivered several telegrams addressed to “LEE Harvey Oswald” at the Rotary Apartments, 1501-1503 W. 7th St. in Dallas (while HARVEY and Marina were living in New Orleans). The FBI made no attempt to locate copies of these telegrams.

  • DPD Detective H.M. Hart, of the Criminal Intelligence Division, received information from a Dallas Police confidential informant who knew Ruby. The informant said that in September (1963) Ruby rented an apartment at 223 S. Ewing for LEE Oswald.

But, as I said, John does not go into Ruby and David Ferrie at all. I did a F3 search for Ferrie on his page, just to be sure, and came back with no finds.

But, others are claiming an association between Ruby and Ferrie, and I should think there had to be because they were both involved in the JFK assassination; both involved in framing Harvey Oswald: and both involved in gunrunning from Louisiana. So, how were their paths NOT going to cross?

And the writer of the 1992 movie RUBY agreed. This biopic about the life of Jack Ruby starred Danny Aielo as Ruby, and the second male star was Tobin Bell who played David Ferrie. So, David Ferrie was the next biggest male part in the story. There was a major female character, Candy Cane, who was reported to be a composite figure, based on multiple dancers at Ruby's club and in his life. So, there were definitely fictional elements to this story. But yet, the decision to make David Ferrie the leading associate of Jack Ruby in his entanglement in the JFK assassination and Oswald framing? British screenwriter Stephen Davis is the one who decided to do that, and I wonder why. 

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