Tuesday, February 21, 2017

So, they actually cut off Jack Ruby right in mid-sentence. This is what David Reitzes reported that we do not hear in the aural recording of Ruby's voice:

...according to the Western Union records -- the time stamped on the Western Union records -- it's 11:17 the time the incident taking place 11:21, it was 11:21.
Q. Did you walk slowly?
A. I walked my natural pace.
Q. You did not rush?
A. No.

Now, what part of that do you think they were trying to avoid? It wasn't the part about the speed of his pace. It was the part about his time. And don't tell me it was an accident. Things don't get edited out of tapes by accident. It was removed on purpose. Ruby must have said 10:15- as he did in his testimony to Earl Warren and the other Warren Commissioners, at which time he was immediately corrected by Elmer Moore, a Secret Service agent. 

That they edited Jack Ruby's voice is a smoking gun. It is tangible evidence that my theory is correct: that the incident with Ruby took place in the garage before the one with Bookhout. 

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