Friday, February 17, 2017

Let's look at images of cops cuffed to prisoners.

So, that prisoner is clasping his hands the way Oswald did, except that he's doing it on his right side. He's not going to pull the guy's arm over. He knows that is not OK. The idea is that each man's arm remains at his side, as neutral as possible. But, Oswald...

...has got his right arm swung over to the center. The official story has it that Oswald was cuffed to himself and to Leavelle. But, we know that Oswald was not cuffed to himself because you can see his hands spread in the Jackson photo, and there is no cuff on his left wrist. So, why would Oswald swing his arm over to his midsection, pulling Leavelle's arm with it? Wouldn't he leave it out so that each could be as neutral and unobtrusive as possible? I mean like this:

If you had to be cuffed to a cop, isn't that how you would do it, with as little divergence from normal as possible? 

In the case below, the officer is ahead and leading the prisoner.

But, if they were walking side by side, I assume they would let their arms hang in a neutral position, like in the picture above it, and neither would pull his arm over to the center of his body.

The next one is similar, where the female officer is leading the prisoner. 

His hands are in the center of his body because his hands are cuffed together. But, Oswald's were not, reportedly.

So again, his hands were together because he was cuffed to himself. But, Oswald's hands were together because he liked to clasp his hands even when he was not in cuffs. It was a comfortable position for him, and it was his habit to do it. A very strong habit. He did it in the doorway.

He did it a whole bunch of times the last two days of his life.

But, let's go back to this image from Oswald's Green Mile:

I have been saying for a long time that the sausage like forearm of Leavelle is fake, and it certainly looks fake here. Look how short his total arm is, and we can see it from shoulder to hand. Look how short his arm is compared to Oswald's. His arm is too short. 

Do you, or do you not, see that Leavelle's arm was longer than that? 

Let's look at one more frame:

I want you to notice that they put a black oblong form at the junction of Leavelle and Oswald in order to obscure the junction. However, we can still see the point of Leavelle's left shoulder, barely, and it is behind Oswald. And then they have the sausage wrist and hand emerging from the shadowy depth; oh, this is horribly fake. The word is "crude." 

Alright, I am ready to make a categorical statement: 

The claim that James Leavelle was handcuffed to Lee Harvey Oswald was, and is, a lie. If Oswald were handcuffed to Leavelle, he never would have clasped his hands in front, as we see him doing. He would have left his right hand over by Leavelle, to make the whole situation the least uncomfortable as possible, the least obtrusive, the least disturbing, both physically and mentally. He couldn't bring his hand over to the center of his body to clasp without pulling Leavelle's hand along with it. So he wouldn't have done it. He would have just left it at his side. The fact that he is clasping his hands in front as he walks his Green Mile tells you that he wasn't handcuffed to Leavelle. 

And another very telling point is that AFTER the shot, when Oswald first crumples forward and downward, and then reverses himself and veers backward, and then goes up on his toes like a ballet dancer, and then falls straight down to the ground like a freight elevator going down at the TSBD, none of that movement has any effect on Leavelle. It doesn't pull on him. It doesn't jostle him the least bit. It doesn't yank on him at all.  

Think about it as if it were YOU. If YOU were cuffed to a cop on your right side, would you pull your arm over to the center of your body to clasp your other hand, pulling his arm over with it? Would you want it there? 

The image of Leavelle's forearm and hand is fake, and Oswald is doing what he's doing (clasping his hands in front) because he is NOT handcuffed to Leavelle. 

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