Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Recall that I said that there were parallels between Sirhan Sirhan and Jack Ruby. Well now, I have found a strong connection: their doctors. They both had leading CIA mind control doctors. They had the top CIA mind control doctors. Jack Ruby had Dr. Louis Loylan West, who was called the "Maestro of Mind Control". 

And Sirhan Sirhan had Dr. William Joseph Bryan.

Somebody even made a collage of him and Sirhan Sirhan.

The following is from The Conspiracy Reader by Al Hidell and Joan D'Arc. It's mostly about Dr. West but then it gets to Dr. Bryan.

William Joseph Bryan, Jr. (1926–1977) was an American physician and a pioneering hypnotist. He was a technical consultant on Frank Sinatra’s film, Manchurian Candidate. He was one of the founders of the modern hypnotherapy and his work notably found use in psychological warfare during the Cold War. Byran held an MD, JD, and PhD. He started his career as a military psychiatrist, and was involved in research for the CIA, including the Project ARTICHOKE and its successor, Project MK ULTRA/MONARCH. As part of his work for the CIA, he developed techniques of what he called “hypno-conditioning.” His published research from the era focused on the forensic and military range of psychological research. He would later focus on legal hypnosis. According to hypnosis practitioners such as Marc Aymar, Francoise Lotery and Felicia MocanuWilliam J. Bryan, Jr., MD is recognized as one of the two central figures in the field of hypnosis during the 20th Century and they also claim that he was also the first full-time medical practitioner of hypnosis in the USA.[6]

Dr. Bryan, like many other figures directly involved in the murders of the JFK, Senator Robert Kennedy and Dr. King, would die in a Las Vegas hotel room under mysterious circumstances in the spring of 1977; this at a time when the JFK case was reopened by Congress and key witnesses and conspirators everywhere conveniently died (e.g. John Rosselli, Sam Giancana). In Bryan’s case, the coroner determined he died of natural causes before any autopsy was performed.

Now look at this: 

Sirhan was programmed at a racing stables in Santa Ana, California by two CIA mind-control specialists -- one of them a priest. A co-worker of Sirhan at the stables was Thomas Bremer, whose mind-controlled brother Arthur, shot Governor George Wallace in 1972. 

Bill Kurtis's TV-show, A & E Investigative Report on the assassination of Robert Kennedy suggested that Sirhan Sirhan was a mind controlled assassin or patsy that would have been created under Project Artichoke .(2) The object of this project was to create the real "Manchurian Candidate", an assassin who could be programmed to kill a target and then not even remember he did it. Sirhan Sirhan fit the profile. Angry at the death of his parents during a conflict with Israel the convicted assassin of RFK was said to have been in a trance-like state during and after the shooting. Later, Sirhan Sirhan would state strongly that he did not actually remember anything that happened during the shooting, but everyone said he did it, so he must have done it. [1997] Sex, Drugs, the CIA, MIND CONTROL and Your Children By A.B.H. Alexander

I still think that Arthur Bremer, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley were classic Manchurian candidate type of assassins. All had very similar attributes before the shootings. This was another way to view an assassin as a "lone nut". In other words, the CIA was involved in all of those shootings in my opinion.

I don't know who wrote the above because he used an alias, but I agree with him. However, he needed to add Jack Ruby to the list. And what he said about Sirhan applies to Ruby: that he didn't actually remember shooting Oswald, but everyone said he did it, so he must have done it. So thought Ruby. But, the difference is that Ruby wasn't even there in the garage when Oswald got shot.

Anyone who disagrees with this needs to explain why Dr. Louis Joylan West was flown out from California to Dallas to treat Jack Ruby. There were plenty of psychiatrists in Dallas. But, they needed West. How come? Ruby sure didn't ask for him. 

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