Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ralph Cinque:

Funny that you should ask because it's something that John and I discussed last night. John thinks that the real Marguerite returned to New Orleans and lived there under a different name: Margaret Keating. But exactly when she left is unknown. The last sighting of her was in 1958. I should also point out that John told me that the famous picture of her outside Paul's Shoe Store with the other employees, the Christmas picture, that was obtained by him. He said he was talking on the phone to one of the men who worked there at the same time that Marguerite did, and he casually said that he still has a photograph of her. When John heard that, he immediately got in his car and drove from wherever he was in Oklahoma to wherever this guy was in Texas to get that picture. This is it, from Christmas 1958.

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