Sunday, February 19, 2017

It is unfortunately true that Science is often marred by government. And there are many examples. The vaccination bull shit. The global warming bull shit. The cholesterol and statin drug bull shit. Etc.

What happened in 1981 with the exhumation was just a continuation of what happened in the late 1970s with the HSCA. Remember how the HSCA brought in anthropologists to compare the images of Oswald, Lovelady, and Doorman. They used this image of Lovelady:

They had the nerve to describe that as being from the time of the assassination when it was obviously taken years before in the 1950s. But besides that, it's a flipped image. It's a mirror image. Just an accident, I'm sure. Happens all the time.

They used this image of Oswald:

That too is a flipped image, and we have the correct one. It was originally published correctly.

Notice how sinister he looks in the other:

That's due to the flipping and to the shadowing and darkening that they imposed on it. 

This is the HSCA image of Doorman, although I don't know what image the anthropologists were given.

What a freaky image it is, really. There is the weird, impossible junction between Doorman and Black Tie Man, who though behind him, is somehow overlapping him. They are both in front of and behind each other- which is impossible. And it includes the gouging out of Doorman's face on his left side. Look how gouged out it looks on our right. Compare it to the shape of his face on our left. How could that happen? Then, there is his cuff being in front of the neck of the black man even though the black man was about 12 feet in front of him. And look at the black man's body below the cuff. What the hell is that? Carl Jones was 6'2" and probably about 220 pounds. So, what are we seeing there? What is that supposed to be? There are many more anomalies, but how could anthropologists look at this and not ask who messed with the photo? But you see, that question was not allowed. You couldn't say it, write it, or even think it. It was off-limits.

But, in the end, the anthropologists mostly just compared Oswald and Lovelady. They took measurements of their features but not of Doorman. They said that Doorman's image was too blurry to make anthropmetric measurements.  But, they said, that generally speaking he looked more like Lovelady. And specifically, they cited the hairline, but as I've told you, that's the one thing that got altered, and they used that so-called Wedding photo of Lovelady to do it.

Note that the image on the left I unflipped from the HSCA image. 

This is how the Altgens Doorman must have looked originally:

But again, the anthropologists couldn't breathe a word or even whisper anything about photo alteration. But, they did hone in on how both Young Lovelady and Doorman had "central recession" but Oswald did not.

All in all, it was a very corrupt process that was designed to protect the government. Remember: the government, the US government. killed Kennedy and framed Oswald, and then they killed Oswald. So, obviously, they did not and could not have an honest investigation. The HSCA may have started with the idea of having an honest investigation, but I only mean semi-honest. Remember this: government protects itself; it always protects itself. Will it lie to protect itself? Does the black bear shit in the woods? But, as time passed, it became more and more corrupt until finally it was as corrupt as the Warren Commission. 

But, after what happened with the HSCA anthropologists and other scientific experts they brought in, why would anyone trust the medical examiners that the government brought in in 1981?

I am reminded of the lyric from Stormy Monday, "..the eagle flies on Friday." But, government evil flies every day of the week. 

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