Monday, February 13, 2017

John Armstrong just sent me this document. This note came with it:

"Very important document. If investigated by the WC, they would have most certainly known about the 2 LHO's."

What this letter states is that there was a Lee Harvey Oswald stationed at the US Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro, California, which until 1999 was the largest Marine airport on the West Coast. Every modern President, when flying to Southern California, landed Air Force 1 at that airport. But then, the letter goes on to state that a Lee Harvey Oswald was assigned to the "Lighter Than Air Base" that was adjacent to MCAS El Toro. It was a totally separate facility about 10 miles away in Tustin. 

Here's a link that tells you about MCAS El Toro, the big Marine airport, now closed.

And here's a link that tells you about the Lighter Than Air facility, which is also closed.

This chart shows the distance from Tustin to El Toro being 9.94 miles as the crow flies. The driving distance is nearly 15 miles.

So, how could the same Lee Harvey Oswald be at these two locations at the same time? The truth is that "Lee" was at "El Toro" and "Harvey" was at Tustin. 

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