Friday, February 10, 2017

So, this is what happened last night when Lance Upperton suddenly morphed into Steve Haydon.

Lancelot Upperton For the last time, I pointed out that they are actively seeking the confirmation of their ideas, right or wrong - something which, although perfectly possible for you to do, you run scared of.
And of course I mean confirmation by examining the primary materials, which is in fact a more viable proposition for you since the films they need are currently missing.
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Ralph Cinque Confirmation, you say? So, he published a book about it BEFORE confirming the contents. Oh, that's great.
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Steve Haydon Yes, there's a book - nonetheless they have stated that it's a primary objective to locate the films for confirmation either way.
They have had to write 50 books to keep up with the junk you've put out in the last 5 years...
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Ralph Cinque The only good thing about the Prayer Man theory is that it does admit that Oswald COULD be in the doorway. And obviously, it rejects that he was on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy. You might think I would be grateful that, but I'm not. Not my nature. What they get from me is spit and contempt.
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Ralph Cinque Ptoi!
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Steve Haydon Meanwhile you STILL continue to avoid the point I was making which has absolutely nothing to do with the viability or otherwise of the Prayer Man issue. Pathetic....
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Ralph Cinque Who are you?
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Then Steve went back and changed "I" to "he" and called what he did a typo. But, have you ever seen anyone make that typo before? First, it certainly wasn't a typo in the sense of hitting the wrong key. A typo usually refers to accidentally striking the wrong key on the keyboard. And obviously, he didn't type "I" instead of "he". So, it wasn't really a typo, but rather, a misthought. But, have you ever seen anyone have such a misthought before, where he mistakenly referred to himself doing something that someone else did? Because: I haven't. When I saw that, it jumped out at me like a 5 alarm blast. 

And then, Steve went on to say that it was 6:40 AM, as though he had just gotten up, just woke up, and was still groggy.
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Steve Haydon It's 6.40, I just got up Ralph
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Ralph Cinque I don't believe you. What happened to Lance?
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Steve Haydon Also you missed that I'd already commented before that
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Ralph Cinque Then, why did you change it from "I" to "he"? If you were continuing your point, why not leave it?
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Steve Haydon I'm on a bloody phone and half asleep, it's very easy to mistype
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Again, it's not a typo. A typo is when you hit the wrong key. The "I" on the keyboard is nowhere near the "he". You certainly can't call it a "mistype." It is a misthought. 

And note that Lance disappeared at the same time that Steve suddenly appeared Lance eventually returned, but if I hadn't said anything, it's very unlikely that he would have. 

I know for a fact that Steve typically keeps late hours- very late house. That's because he's often argued with me in the past when it was late at night for me, and he's 6 hours later than I am. 

And why, if he just got up, would the first thing he do be to jump into this argument? He even claimed to have read the entire thread. Well, it was long; extremely long.

I take from this that Steve Haydon is Lance Uppercut who on Facebook goes by Lance Upperton. And, he is one of the British Ops who is working the JFK coverup in social media.


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  1. Of course you caught him in the act with his pants down! No doubt about it!


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