Friday, February 10, 2017

Notice that we can easily see Graves' right shoulder in this image:

You see where Graves' right shoulder is. You see his arm coming down. And you see how it delivers his hand to be grasping Oswald's arm. It all looks normal and anatomical. So, why can't we see Graves' right shoulder in the Jackson photo?

The shoulder that we are seeing is the shoulder of Marvin Johnson, who was a plain-clothed policeman. He was wearing a white stetson hat and glasses. His jacket was lighter in greyscale than Graves', and that his his shoulder (Johnson's) that we are seeing. Surely, Graves right shoulder should be sticking out, but it's not. And no, Graves was not turned or twisted, such that his right shoulder was pointing back and out of view. If he was turned, then his head would be turned, and his head is not turned. And why the hell would it be turned? 

This is yet another anomaly in the Jackson photo, which is a monstrosity, an abomination. 

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