Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Idiot Backes, he does make me laugh. For months, he insisted that Detective T.L. Baker was FBI Agent James Bookhout.

I tried to tell him that that guy was way too tall to be Bookhout, who was short. Bookhout was so short that he had to stand on a pedestal to see James Hosty in the hall. He was so short that he couldn't see JFK on Main Street because there were people in front of him. I also pointed out to Backes that the Midnight Press Conference was entirely a Dallas Police Department affair, and that no FBI agents were front and center at it. No FBI agents were in the spotlight at it, as this man was. 

I pointed out that he was too young at the time to be Bookhout, who then was just months away from his 50th birthday. And I pointed out that Bookhout denied going to the Midnight Press Conference, saying that he didn't see Oswald the evening of the 22nd. I pointed out the Linda Zambanini, who originally claimed it, no longer did, nor did Denis Morrissette. But, Backes was undaunted. He kept going with it. Why? Because he's arrogant and stupid; and stupid is what stupid does. He STILL hasn't retracted it. Yet, he thinks he is entitled to criticize me for making a mis-identification which lasted all of a few hours and was quickly removed. 

He put up his criticism today, February 9. But, do you know when the last time he blogged against me was? January 17. How many times have I blogged since January 17? Dozens and dozens of times. But, not a peep out of Backes about any of it. This a partial list of my posts which Backes has chosen NOT to respond to for lack of a retort:

How many unanswered blows is that? I'm not going to count them. Backes, you have nothing to gawk about. In case you don't know it, this is you:

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