Saturday, February 11, 2017

Somebody did something that I am going to tell you about, but first, I am reminded of a joke. 

So, this guy goes to the beach, and when he gets there, he sees a sign which says,

Private Beach
No Swimming allowed

But, he ignores the sign and goes in anyway. And sure he enough, he gets arrested and taken to jail and then to court. And there, the judge asks him,

"What's the matter with you? Didn't you see the sign?
And he said:

"Yeah, I saw it. It said:"

Private Beach? No. Swimming allowed. 

OK, now, here's the guy:

And here's what the numbskull did. He took this:

which most people would say means:

claims 2nd floor coke when Off(icer) came in.
to 1st floor had lunch
out with Bill Shelley in front

But, to Sean, what it really means is:

Claims 2nd floor Coke.
When Officer came in to 1st floor, (I, Oswald) had lunch out with Bill Shelley in front.

So, according to Sean, what Oswald meant was that when Baker came dashing up the steps to enter the building, that he, Oswald, was eating his lunch in the doorway with Bill Shelley. 

This guy, Sean Murphy, is one of those that Backes referred to as "honest researchers."

And just the other night, Steve Haydon was praising them too. He said this:

Lancelot Upperton For the last time, I pointed out that they are actively seeking the confirmation of their ideas, right or wrong - something which, although perfectly possible for you to do, you run scared of.
And of course I mean confirmation by examining the primary materials, which is in fact a more viable proposition for you since the films they need are currently missing.

What he meant there is that the Darnell film, from which the Prayer Man clip was supposedly taken, is currently missing and they're looking for it. They're looking for it? So, they say they're looking for it, and Steve thinks that's praiseworthy? 

I could say I'm looking for the Lost Ark of the Covenant, but so what? 

O.J. said he was looking for Nicole's real killers, but so what? I guess he thought they were hiding out on golf courses. 

If you want to see the Darnell film, you only have to go here: 

You won't find the Prayer Man clip in it. Why? Because it's not from it. What's the alternative? That someone cut it out? That someone took scissors to the Darnell film? Why would someone do that?  

The same thing is true of the phony Lovelady clip that is supposedly from the Martin film. It's not in the Martin film either, which you can see here:

Did somebody take a scissors to it too?

And qualitatively, the Lovelady clip is nothing like the Martin film.

Now, look at this:

That's supposed to be Gloria Calvary running behind Officer Marrion Baker. So, she hasn't gotten to the steps yet either. But, when she gets there, she is supposed to talk to Shelley and Lovelady and Molina and others. It means they still have to be in the doorway. Yet, they're not. Instead, there are all these other people, a completely different crowd of people, and we don't recognize any of them. This is mere seconds after the shots, so how can it be?

So, doesn't that make it time to start thinking that the Prayer Man clip, like the Lovelady clip, is fake? It didn't surface until the movie JFK which came out in 1992. So, that's 29 years after the assassination. So, for a whole generation, nobody knew about it even though it was shot on 11/22/63. As far as the Prayermanites "looking for" the original Darnell film, where are they looking? They're as likely to find it as I am to find the body of Jimmy Hoffa. 

This chunky, girthy Prayer Man with microcephaly was certainly not the gaunt asthenic Oswald. 

But, who was Prayer Man? I would suggest: nobody, that the entire image is fake.

And instead of wasting time looking for the original Darnell film, (which they are never going to find) they should do something practical and realistic: track down Oliver Stone and find out how that clip came to be included in his movie. Where did he get it? From whom did he get it? Now, that would be useful and a lot more doable, but that didn't occur to them.  

But, what did occur last year is that Debra Conway gave an award to the author of the Prayer Man book. Bart Kamp. 

Debra Conway no more believes in Prayer Man than I believe in Sasquatch. So, why is she giving out awards for it? 

It's because Oswald was in the doorway, the Altgens doorway, and it has gotten so big that all the disparate factions within the corrupt JFK world are uniting to oppose it. Prayer Man is just "noise". It's like a heat sink. It's been sanctioned the politically correct way to believe in Oswald in the doorway- if you must. And that's precisely because it is so preposterous that it's a safe place to send people. It can never go anywhere. It's a dead end. 

And what it really come down to is: blood. The blood that is still flowing. They are blowing up Kennedy's head, day after day after day.  The JFK "community" is so dark, so corrupt, so evil, that it is truly an extension of his murder. 

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