Tuesday, February 14, 2017

This evening, Professor John McAdams, after referring to John Armstrong's work as "nonsense" said that he does agree that a DNA test between Robert Oswald and one or both of the daughters of Lee Harvey Oswald, (Rachel and June) is a good idea. 

It's not just a good idea: it would resolve everything. The crux of John Armstrong's 1000 page book is that they are NOT related. So, if they turned out to be related, where it was really proven, and steps were taken to guarantee no falsified result- because remember the JFK world is not just wicked and lying but thugishly criminal- then it would settle the matter once and for all. It would settle it for all time. It would put it to rest forever.

So, who's willing? I'm willing. John Armstrong is willing. And we have the means to contact Rachel and/or June to ask for their cooperation. But, what about Robert Oswald? There's the rub. How could a professor be so naive? What do you think would happen, Dr. McAdams, if someone approached Robert Oswald with the idea? There isn't a .000000000000001% chance that he'd do it. And if you think, otherwise, Dr. McAdams, then you are very naive.

But, it would take a highly transparent process, in the bright light of day, because remember: we have been through this before. After 6 years of protest over Obama's constitutional right to be President for not having been born here, he finally produced a birth certificate? He could have done that in the very beginning at the start of the controversy. Shouldn't he have done it then? Why didn't he? It's because it's fake. 

So, if you can fake a birth certificate, then obviously, you can fake a DNA report. No, it would have to be done very independently, like perhaps sending it to a DNA lab in Russia, if they have them. Or even China. I don't know that I would trust any U.S. lab. 

But, so long as non-falsifiable results could be guaranteed, then everyone on our side is raring to go. And it's nice to know that even John McAdams is all for it. But alas, Robert Oswald would NEVER do it. What do I mean by never? I mean that he wouldn't do it for ANY amount of money. If we could offer him a billion dollars, he wouldn't do it. If we could offer him a trillion dollars he wouldn't do it. He knows very well that he is not related to Rachel and June Porter. 

So, let's do our own impromptu DNA test:

Wow. Look at the likeness of the eyes and nose. I dare say she looks like his mother. However, the image on the right only exists because of John Armstrong. He was talking to a man who had worked with a Marguerite Oswald at Paul's Shoe Store in Ft. Worth- a place that is NOT part of the official record of Marguerite Oswald's work history, and in which she is obviously not some short woman as we know the Marguerite of fame to be. 

I have another collage from when he was younger. Which one do you think is his mother?

Who does he look more like? And again: the image on the left came from a man who is in the picture who worked with Marguerite Oswald at Paul's Shoes in Ft. Worth in 1958. You can't tell me that he doesn't know who he worked with. You have no grounds to say it. 

So no, Robert Oswald is never going to do a DNA test. He is no more going to do a DNA test than Bill Clinton is going to do a DNA test.

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