Thursday, February 9, 2017

I lightened this rendition of the core of the Jackson photo just to show you that Graves' right shoulder really is missing.

So, that big mass of shoulder we see between Oswald and Ruby is almost entirely that of the man behind Graves wearing a white Stetson hat, whose name was Marvin Johnson. There is a weird little showing of Graves's very dark jacket just to the left of Bookhout's face. But, that is weird because what is it supposed to be? Plus, it has no connection to Graves' hand that is holding on to Oswald. That's his right hand, so where the hell is his right shoulder? And don't tell me that he's twisted around and turned sideways because he is NOT. Look at Graves' left shoulder, which is on our far right? The shoulders work together. His right shoulder has got to be OPPOSITE it. And yet, if it was opposite his left shoulder, we would see it. Now, how the hell did they do this? 

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