Thursday, February 23, 2017

Some funny stuff here from the Wizard. First, he found this confused cop who ran the wrong way. He turns and runs away. You see Blackie there totin' his cigar. Never say a man can't do two things at once. Why interrupt a nice smoke? And that's Officer Patrick Dean in uniform on the outside. What's he doing? Just providing more cover for Bookhout. 

Here it is as a gif. "Oops, did I leave my handcuffs in my locker? They might come in handy." I tell you, this guy really turns on a dime. It looks like a dance move. Who was he? Officer Fred Astaire? 

Then, the Wiz did a very fine slow-motion gif showing the covering up of Bookhout's head.

And did you notice in back the cop who draws his handgun?

I did not know about that. All for show, of course. 

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