Saturday, February 18, 2017

The double doors were open, and people were coming out of them.

But, Fritz and the trio definitely used the side door. Here is Fritz looking back at them. 

But, it makes you wonder why they used that corner door when they were three astride. Why didn't they come out the double doors?

Here they are before, progressing through the jail office. Notice that Leavelle's arm is between Oswald's arm and his torso.

How could his arm be slipped through there if he was handcuffed to him?

Again, how can Leavelle's arm be between Oswald's arm and his torso if he is handcuffed to him?

And why did they use that corner door when they could have gone out the double doors?

And how could it go from this:

to this:

if they were handcuffed to each other? Wouldn't they have to move together? When you think about all the movement Oswald did after being shot to wind up like that on the ground, the conniptions he went through, how could he do it without ever jostling Leavelle if they were handcuffed? 

Look at it again:

How could Oswald go through all those conniptions without dragging Leavelle into it if they were handcuffed? Leavelle never seemed to be affected by Oswald's movements. There was never any pull on him. There was no yank from Oswald. 

Then, after that, all these men rush in, which was the Big Cover Up. They just had to hide everything.

The whole purpose of that was to keep us from seeing a thing. And it goes on and on.

We can't see a thing; all by design.

It was a deliberate blocking of the view, a sleight of hand trick. 

And when it finally clears, it's all over, and "Ruby" and Oswald have been swifted away. 

Above, the guy on the right nudged the guy on the left away to open it up for the camera because it was safe to do so. The guy on the left is the same guy in the frame above in which he looks like a bloated beached whale.

Folks, they were shitting on us. They have been shitting on us for 53 years. If you believe it, if you accept it, then it means you enjoy being an enslaved vassal of the fascist state. Do you?  

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