Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why do people keep saying that Lovelady said he was Doorman? He never said it. There is no evidence that he ever at any time in his life made a positive statement to the effect, "I am Doorman." There is a written statement, presumably by him from 1976 in which the writing displays this:

The man in the doorway isn't even wearing a plaided shirt. Plaid means horizontal and vertical lines crossing and forming boxes, and there is not a single box on Doorman's shirt. OIC Chairman Larry Rivera gave that statement to a handwriting specialist, and she said, based on other samples of Lovelady's writing, that it's doubtful that he wrote it. But, whether that's true or not, the whole situation is VERY bizarre and very disturbing. 

We'll start in 1964 when Joseph Ball was questioning Lovelady for the WC. Why didn't Ball ask Lovelady a direct question: 

"You see this man standing in the doorway? (pointing) Who is he?"  

How hard was it to do that? Why didn't Joseph Ball do it? What excuse is there for him not doing it?

And what's Lovelady's excuse? He surely knew what Ball wanted to know. So, why didn't he volunteer it? 

"If you are wondering who that man is in the doorway next to the column, that's me."

Lovelady could have offered something like that, but he didn't. Instead, both he and Ball talked around it. From reading his testimony numerous times, I think it is the most evasive testimony I have ever read.  And I mean both the questions and the answers. 

Then, in 1967 Tink Thompson wrote his book and who did he talk to about the Doorman issue? Lovelady? No. CBS. That's the organization that was going to cover the Doorman issue in their 4 hour JFK special, and they even took pictures of Lovelady in the doorway. But, in the end, they did not use them, and they trashed the whole segment. But, they had the nerve to tell Tink, "Take it from us: Lovelady said he was Doorman." And Tink took it from them. He could easily have gone to Colorado and talked to Lovelady. But, he didn't. 

Then, jump to 1971 when Robert Jackson, who is tied, of course, to that awful, monstrous photo of Oswald supposedly being shot in which there is not only no blood, and no visible damage to Oswald, but no disruption of his clothing either. So, Robert Jackson takes a photo of Lovelady in the doorway in 1971, but Lovelady made no statement, and it is yet another freaky picture.

Didn't Lovelady remember where he stood on 11/22/63? He told Ball that he stood "on your top level". So, why didn't he? Why is his left arm shorter than his right? He's not laterally bending his spine. Why does his left arm look so freaky? And why is the dorsal side of his left hand facing forward? When you're just standing relaxed, the natural tendency of the hand is to hang sideways. So, why is it that way, which is freaky? He's like Frankenstein with his arm sewn on wrong.

But then in 1976, Ken Brooden and his lackey Robert Groden came a-calling on Lovelady. Groden took pictures, and after talking to Lovelady, Brooden promptly quit his job as a top lawyer for the HSCA to become Lovelady's lawyer. 

That has NEVER happened before or since in the history of jurisprudence that a government lawyer quit his job to represent a person of interest. Why would he do that? Because Lovelady was freaking out; that's why. And Brooden knew that the whole case could blow up if Lovelady lost it on the witness stand.  

The HSCA had a major, multi-faceted investigation going on about the Doorman issue. How could they not subpoena Lovelady to come and answer questions? "Will you state, for the record, Mr. Lovelady that the Man in the Doorway is YOU?" Brooten must have told them that Lovelady was a mess, and he would not be a good, credible witness, that he would do the ruse more harm than good. So, they excused Lovelady, and he must have made it clear to Brooten that he didn't like saying he was the Doorway Man. Please don't make him testify, please don't make him testify. 

So again, why do people keep saying that Lovelady said he was the Man in the Doorway? He never said it. We just have people like the FBI saying that he said it.  Do I have to point out that that means absolutely nothing to me? What the FBI said about what Lovelady said about that means as much to me as what the Dallas Police said about what Oswald said about his bus and cab rides means to Joseph Backes. Capisce? 

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