Friday, February 10, 2017

 A message from the Wizard:


Bookhout's story about being on leave but conveniently in town (he lived out in Lakewood) on the 22nd to do personal business rings false, as does the matter of running into two colleagues who happened to be looking for him. One also wonders why his superiors wanted that particular agent to go to the DPD - and then, as a flourish, he arrived before Oswald and was waiting for him.

If the information about the Hoover telegram (on Monday, 18 November, I think) is correct, it causes me to lean more heavily toward the idea of Bookhout being a pivotal figure in the Dallas part of the plot. It also makes me wonder if the FBI was more involved oveall prior to the event. The Corey interview also reminded me of the  interaction of other FBI agents with witnesses: there was a consistent pattern of hostility and intimidation.


Ralph Cinque: I am not familiar with the Corey Interview, and an internet search hasn't helped me. So, I'll have to ask the Wizard about that. But otherwise, I agree with him completely. 

J. Edgar Hoover had foreknowledge, which means that the FBI had foreknowledge. And J. Edgar Hoover definitely had foreknowledge. "Uncle Edgar" as LBJ's daughters called him, was very close to Johnson. LBJ bought a house in Washington just so that he could be next door neighbors with Hoover. After the killing, LBJ gave an executive order that Hoover would be serving until the end of his life. Now, that is weird. Kennedy was either going to fire him, or at least force him out when he reached mandatory retirement age of 65. It was a matter of law, but Johnson rescinded it.

More proof that Hoover had foreknowledge is that from the very beginning, his agents Hosty and Bookhout, set out to frame Oswald. You only have to look at the Hosty-Bookhout joint statement that was released following the first interrogation. They said that Oswald said he "was on the first floor" at the time the Presidential motorcade passed. But, nobody would give an alibi that broad for the murder of the President of the United States. The first floor was almost as big as a city block. You know how big a human being is. Wouldn't he have been more specific than that? Of course, Oswald said he was "out with Bill Shelley in front." And don't complain, my enemies, especially you Steve Haydon, formerly known as Lance Uppercut and Lance Upperton, because just last night you were saying how much you admire and respect the Prayermanites.  And that's what they say: that Oswald was in the doorway. In fact, they specifically trash Bookhout for lying.  

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