Thursday, February 23, 2017

Warning: this is off-topic. The retired admiral said to be the "architect" of the bin laden raid in Pakistan in 2011 is outraged with Trump for saying that the US media is the enemy of the American people. He said it is the biggest threat to democracy in his lifetime.

Well, first, there was no bin laden raid. Bin laden was already dead, with multiple confirmations of that, including from Pakistan, that is from President Musharraf. But the most compelling thing to me is what I can see. On the left is bin laden from 2001. On the right is an image that was released at the time of the raid.

The man on the right is clearly younger. The man on the left dates to 2001, and the image on the right was released at the time of the raid in 2011. Keep in mind that bin laden had failing kidneys and was on renal dialysis. So, after 10 years, he looked like that? Healthier? Younger? 

Notice how brawny he looks on the right, with thick shoulders and very solid trapezius muscles. By 2001, bin laden was bordering on emaciation. And renal dialysis is known to cause muscle wasting. There is a ton written on it. Such as:

So, how did bin laden not only not lose muscle but heap on muscle over 10 years of dialysis? And don't believe the dis-info lie that he never really had kidney failure, but just kidney stones. The following page documents the medical history and decline of Osama bin laden:

You know that besides having kidney failure, he had Marfan syndrome, hepatitis C, and other ailments. 

Hare 10 facts proving the bin laden fable is a hoax, by Paul Watson who works with Alex Jones.

OK, now let's get back to this jerk:

McCraven: You know damn well that whoever you killed that day, it wasn't Osama bin laden, who was already dead. The threat to American democracy are people like YOU. Bin laden was dead, and your story was, and is, false. The US media is like the Soviet Pravda. The only difference is that the Soviet Pravda was state-owned, and the US media is corporate-owned. And that's why we call it the corporate media. And it has NEVER been more tethered to the State- the federal government of the United States- than it is today. 

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