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David Von Pein 
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In Ralph Cinque's mind, the "evidence" (i.e., the NON-evidence) that he
has presented which he thinks proves beyond all doubt that James Bookhout
shot Lee Oswald instead of Jack Ruby, is *somehow* supposedly STRONGER and
MORE ironclad and MORE persuasive and MORE powerful than the actual
evidence (i.e., 100% proof) which indicates Ruby shot Oswald.

Ralph *ACTUALLY* seems to believe his own delusional crackpot "Ruby Is
Innocent" theory is a BETTER theory than believing the actual truth of
Ruby's guilt.

Is there some kind of medical term to define Ralph's affliction (other
than "delusional")? 

Ralph Cinque:

Von Pein: You didn't say anything. You didn't advance any argument. You just spoke in generalities. You challenged my evidence for Bookhout being the shooter and said it was trumped by evidence that Ruby was, but you didn't cite any evidence at all. Can't you see how empty that is? Can't you see how totally rhetorical you were being? I know you're not the smartest guy in the world, but you should be smart enough to see that. 

The most important thing I can tell anyone about this is that they need to look at the evidence, and particularly the images, with their eyes, and not their mind. You can't assume that the Garage Shooter was Jack Ruby just because he's wearing a Fedora hat. If you're smart, you will ignore that. So, what else is there? What do we have that we can actually compare to Jack Ruby? There is the back of his neck, and the Garage Shooter was cleanly razored, while Jack Ruby had scruffy hair growth. He was a couple weeks out from his last haircut. 

Now, that is a physical difference that we can see with our naked eyes. 

But, there is more; for instance, there is his height. By using other individuals of known height, including Oswald, we can estimate the Shooter's height, and he was short. He was about 5'6" and there is a consensus about that. 

Can you, or can you not see that the Garage Shooter was significantly shorter than Oswald? 

But, Jack Ruby was 5' 8 1/2", which was just 1/2 inch shorter than Oswald. There is also the length of his neck. Jack Ruby had a longer neck than the Garage Shooter, who had a short neck. There is the thickness of his legs. Jack Ruby had skinny legs; the Garage Shooter had thick ones. Their ears were also very different too, with Ruby having larger ones. 

The Garage Shooter is largely obscured by his hat, by the obscure angle of the shots, and the speed by which he was blanketed by police, but we do have some visual data, and every bit of it conflicts with him being Jack Ruby. Even the Fedora hat: If Jack Ruby really had the habit of wearing one, wouldn't he have worn it to the Midnight Press Conference? He didn't. How many images are there of Jack Ruby in a Fedora hat? Not many. In most of his images he is not wearing one. The idea that the hat clinches it for Jack Ruby is ridiculous.

And the images are just the beginning. As we move on, we find out that James Bookhout claimed to hang around in Fritz' office during the jail transfer- even though he, previously, followed Oswald everywhere. Then, he claimed that when he heard Oswald was shot, he rushed down to the jail office and followed Oswald's stretcher out to the garage. 

That short guy looking down with a guilty look on his face is James Bookhout, and I thank the Wizard for finding this. 

In the collage below, you can see him a minute or two before posing as Jack Ruby with the detectives. 

The top image is supposed to be Jack Ruby, but it obviously is not. 
That is James Bookhout posing with Boyd, Sims, and Hall.

That is obviously not Jack Ruby.
Look at the round face on the right and the long face on the left. Look at the short forehead on the right and the long forehead on the left. Look at the pinched, narrow nose on the right and the broad noise on the left. Look at the long neck on the left and the short neck on the right. And I already pointed that out to you in relation to the Garage Shooter.

Compare the distance from ear to collar. Ruby had a longer neck. The Garage shooter had a short neck. 

Von Pein: you can't talk about "evidence" abstractly. You have to actually point to it and talk about it. You didn't. You just flapped your lips. You think you can win by doing that? 

Fact: James Bookhout WAS the Garage Shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald, and me and this evidence say so. 

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