Thursday, January 5, 2017

Just one person, Detective Combest, claimed that Oswald was conscious, responsive, and communicative in the jail office after the shooting. Nobody else claimed that. And clearly, Combest lied about it. But, that's not all he lied about. For some reason, he lied in saying that Detective Graves helped carry Oswald into the jail house after the shooting. That was definitely a lie because we can see Graves throughout, and he was nowhere near Oswald. He was on the other side of the garage. So, why did Combest lie about that?
But, let's try to figure out why Combest lied about Graves. We know that Graves never claimed any such thing. What about Leavelle? What did he say about moving Oswald?
Fortunately, we have this video, an interview of Leavelle made the very day of the shooting, later that afternoon:

This is where Leavelle told his lies, that he saw Ruby, recognized him, saw the gun, tried to jerk Oswald behind himself, while at the same time shoving back on Ruby's left shoulder. All lies, lies. lies. He also claimed that "Ruby" tried to fire the gun again and would have if not for Graves. Another lie. Then, get this: Leavelle said:

"I immediately picked Oswald up off then with another officer; I don't remember who that was; and carried back inside the jail office to get him away from the area."

What the mudderpluck??? How could he possibly not remember who it was? They had to communicate. Didn't he have to say something to him? Such as: "I'll grab his arms; you grab his legs." Presumably, it was Combest, since Combest said so. But, Leavelle recognized Combest, knew him well, and there is no reason why he couldn't remember him.
Then, get this: Leavelle went on to deny what Combest said. Leavelle said that he attempted to communicate with Oswald but that Lee was unresponsive and NEVER regained consciousness.
But, Combest claimed that HE was talking to Oswald and Oswald was responding to him by shaking his head. SHAKING HIS HEAD!!!!! OSWALD SHAKING HIS HEAD IN THE JAIL OFFICE!!! So, if Leavelle was right there and he saw that, how could he forget it? And, how could he forget the guy who was talking to Oswald, Combest?
But, we know that Combest was a dirty liar, and we know that Leavelle was a dirty liar. Both were dirty, rotten liars.
So, what really happened?
First, let's go back to what Combest said, that it was he, Graves, and Leavelle who transported Oswald into the jail office. Why would he say that if it wasn't true? And, it definitely wasn't true. I can only speculate, and what I would say is that he knew that Leavelle and Graves were partners, and they were assigned to escort Oswald away, so it would make sense and sound better if it was the two of them who escorted Oswald back in.
But, what if Combest was just told to say that he helped move Oswald? What if he didn't? What if Oswald just got up and scurried into the jail office himself, shielded by others? In that case, nobody picked him up, and therefore, whatever you say about it is a lie. It would also explain why Leavelle did not want to name the officer who helped him carry Oswald inside because there was no such officer.
Granted, the above is just speculation, but it's a lot more plausible than the conflicting stories that Leavelle and Combest told. And remember, we have already established, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they were both liars.
This is all the more reason to suspect and lean towards the supposition that Oswald was NOT shot in that garage. He was definitely shot, but not in that garage.

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