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I've been reading the witness testimony on the blog. I noticed what seems to have been a slip of the tongue on the part of Archer:

"I took his left arm and assisted them in walking--I went into the jail office with him."

I think he was on the point of saying: "...walking him to the jail office..." (like a dog), as in dancing or shuffling him to the jail office, as opposed to getting him on the ground, dragging him off, etc.

In the KRLD footage, Bookhout's feet are firmly on the ground as the "struggle" (as Archer describes the swarm) moves in the direction of the ramp. They can be seen for about seven seconds after the shooter first appears. They almost leave the ground at around the 5-second mark but land again. After that, it's too difficult to see. His "dive" involves only the upper half of his body.


Ralph Cinque: 

Right you are, Wizard. Walking. What a word to use. He walked Ruby into the jail office. A man who, not only drew a gun, and not only fired a gun, but fatally shot a man with it, was "walked" somewhere by police. 

And, let's not forget the images they came up with later on, like this one:

Of course, that doesn't look the least bit like Ruby. And what that weird hand is behind him, I have no idea. But, whoever, he is, he looks like he's on his feet; he looks like he's walking, and it doesn't look the least bit like anyone is bothering him. He could be walking along singing a song. How does a guy who was previously swarmed upon like this:

wind up free as a bird like this?

And going back to that other image, we now know who McMillan was:

Except, they deliberately made McMillan bigger than he was. Look at him in the Beers photo:

And make no mistake: that's him. He's the nodder. He's the Henry Gondorf of the LHO assassination.

Anyway, he was not bigger than Blackie Henderson. And yet, he looks bigger in this still of the pileup:

Oh, that's him alright. Let's trace his path getting there.

OK, so he looks normal there; a tall, slender guy.

Above, he's getting in position. Notice that Blackie has got Bookhout around the shoulders, but Bookhout's feet are firmly on the ground. Note that Maksim Irkutsk doubts that that is Boohout's real head being exposed there.

But suddenly, he seems to get bigger.

Not his head, and not his shoulders. Just his lower body. 

Look how massive he looks compared to Leavelle.

They obviously did something to that KRLD film to make him so massive. And the purpose, of course, was coverage. Block the view; block the view; block the view.

And they did it repeatedly throughout the KRLD footage, like with this shot.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, he just happened to be in the way. But when he got out of the way, it showed this:

So, the guy on the left, who looked as bloated as a beached whale in the other frame, turns out to be normal. Notice in the distance that they are indeed using the side door in the corner to enter the jail office. That's the door they used. So, you tell me how Archer could have held Ruby's left arm while going through that door. His left? And then, you have Detective Lowery who finally considers the possibility of pulling his gun. He doesn't actually do it. It's just for show. He just places his hand over it. But, it's the only sighting we have of an officer reaching for his gun. At no time do we see a gun drawn. And yet, we hear Tom Petit say: "Detectives have their guns drawn." Oh really? Another curiosity is that we hear Bob Huffaker say that "police officers have ringed the area, holding everyone in place, not even allowing anyone to move." But, that's not what they were doing. What they were doing is making sure nobody got anywhere near that door. That's what they were concerned with. Remember: it was a door with glass. So, even if it was closed, and even if you just looked through it, you might see something. They were keeping people away from that door.

It's not as though they suspected others of being involved. It's not as though every person there was going to be examined, inspected, questioned, and vetted. They were protecting the door. And I should say "doors" because I'm sure they wanted people to stay away from the double doors as well. 

You even hear Huffaker say that police are not evening allowing anyone to move. But, that wasn't true. You can see people moving. They just had to stay behind the barrier that police were creating with their arms. They didn't give a shit if you moved. No one was paying attention to that. Just keep away from the fucking door. 

Here is another thing that I find interesting. The guy on the left below, with the rolled up sleeves, is pushing on somebody else to keep him from blocking the camera view.

So, they had people there concerned with controlling the images. At this point, they didn't mind showing what's happening since the principals are long gone, but earlier there was no one to push this guy away:

I'm saying that that was a deliberate veil shot, and there were many such veil shots.  The whole film is a disgusting display of manipulated imagery designed to deceive, confuse, and fool people.

Finally, I want to point out that when the ambulance exits Commerce Street and turns left that there were plenty of police on hand there.

And those police had already stopped all regular traffic on Commerce Street. Even after the ambulance is gone, you don't see regular traffic resume. Many seconds pass and there is no resumption of normal traffic. 10 seconds later, we see a police car exit the ramp and also turn left.

But, even one minute later, there has been no resumption of normal traffic. 

Remember, that white car was already there. It was stationary. It was parked there when the ambulance pulled out.

No other cars pass. It's clear that: THEY HAD COMMERCE STREET BLOCKED OFF! They were diverting traffic. There had to be a cop at that corner forcing motorists to take a detour. There wasn't going to be any traffic. It means that there was NOTHING stopping that ambulance from turning right on Commerce Street and getting to the corner of Harwood and turning right again. It was a piece of cake. But, they didn't do it! They turned left instead. Sons of bitches. They were killing Oswald. They were using TIME to kill Oswald. "Bleed, you mudderplucker, bleed." Look at the map:

I put an H to show Harwood Street. They were practically at Harwood Street. The building is on the corner. They only had to turn right and go a few feet, and then turn right again on Harwood, which went north, the direction they were going. And traffic was already stopped. There was no traffic. There was nothing in the way. They turned left when they could have turned right. Bloodied sons of bitches. It may have made the difference too. What did it set them back going the way they did? 2 minutes? That was 2 more minutes of blood deprivation to Oswald's heart which caused massive damage, a "flabby heart" which went into cardiac arrest. And there may have been irreversible brain damage at that point as well. However, I think it's very likely that Oswald would have died anyway even if he had reached the hospital 2 minutes sooner. But, that doesn't change anything. It's the principle that counts. And the fact is: they deliberately took a longer route than necessary to delay his receiving medical/surgical care. It was a deliberate act of murder. And, it proves that Oswald was indeed shot at that point because it would have been pointless to delay if he wasn't already shot. So, Oswald was shot inside the police building; not in the garage, but inside the building.   

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