Sunday, February 5, 2017

This isn't that hard to understand. "Ruby" wrestled with the cops in his jacket. Wearing his jacket. They wrestled him into the jail office, and then they handcuffed him. It's bad enough that they didn't handcuff him in the garage. But, if you're going to say that after getting him inside, they took his jacket off him before cuffing him, now you're pushing it into the Twilight Zone.

"Listen, Jack, we really need to get these cuffs on you now, but if you'd rather take your jacket off first, we understand, and we'll wait for you. We want you to be comfortable."

It's ridiculous. You can't go there- mentally speaking. Again: it's bad enough that they didn't push him down to the ground and cuff him on the spot in the garage, which, not 99%, but 100% of cops would always do. But to then say that, after struggling wildly with him and dragging him into the jail office, that they removed his jacket first before cuffing him, is preposterous. 

"Let's get you out of that thing, Jack. First, right sleeve. Now, left sleeve. Atta boy. That's the ticket. OK. Now, how about those cuffs?"  

It's just plain ridiculous. You can't talking-point it because there are no talking points for it. 

So, that picture of him cuffed in just a shirt had to be something else. It had to come later. And the first cuffing in the jacket had to be undone before they could get him out of the jacket to cuff him in just a shirt. This was Jack Ruby on display, doing his catwalk. 

"Look at Jack. Jack was in a fight. Look how disheveled Jack looks from the fight. Jack was resisting arrest. But, Jack is calm now. The fight's been taken out of him."

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