Thursday, February 2, 2017

This really is the best imagery of the Oswald shooting.

And here's the frame that follows:

Oswald is grimacing, so we know he's been shot. Now, just notice that Jim Leavelle is nowhere near "Ruby". He's not even looking at "Ruby". He hasn't even begun to react yet to the fact that something has happened. You would think that the sound alone would have startled him by this point. But, let's go back to the other one, to the shot itself because there are some thing to observe. 

Let's start with the idea of the contact shot. Now, was the muzzle of the gun actually in contact with Oswald? I don't know, and it doesn't matter. For all practical purposes it was a contact shot. But, why would any shooter want to get that close? Notice that in the dramatization, they didn't do it. In the dramatization, Ruby kept his distance.

Why would any shooter want to, or feel the need, to go right up to Oswald before pulling the trigger? Wasn't it risky to do that? We have to assume that Ruby would not have known about Oswald being cuffed to Leavelle. So, if you went right up to the person, he's got these things called arms that he can use. He's also got legs that he can kick with. Also, Graves, at least, could potentially have interfered. How hard is it to shoot someone from, say, 6 feet away? So, why wouldn't you do that? Why delay the shot and put yourself at risk of being thwarted, either by the victim or one of his guards?

It seems to me that as soon as the shooter was close enough to feel certain about delivering the payload, he would pull the trigger. He wouldn't wait. Sooner was better than later. So, what we see in the real footage is contrary to all expectations. 

Then, the second thing is, notice how the force of the shot doesn't register on Oswald in the real footage. Now, I realize that they exaggerated it in the movie, but notice how Oswald gets thrown back, where the force of the speeding bullet impacting him hurled his whole body back.

So, in the dramatization, we have Ruby firing from several feet away, with a big muzzle blast:

Then look what happens to Oswald: he falls back.

And he keeps going:

All from the shot. Of course, that was drama; it isn't real. But, what about the one that is supposed to be real? Would Oswald react like this, with a grimace, and then start falling contrary to the vector of energy of the bullet?

Doesn't the momentum of the bullet transfer somewhat to the body of the victim? If so, then why would a shot in the side cause Oswald to flex forward? The energy of the bullet isn't going that direction. 

The next thing that happens in the film is that "Ruby" gets in our way and brings his back to the camera. The next we see of Oswald is this:

He is going back now. His energy, that is, his bodily momentum is veering back. But before he was going forward.

How can a bullet have that effect? It can't. That's his energy, not the bullet's energy. The change of direction in his momentum was HIS doing, not the bullet's doing. Look at them in sequence. 

According to his surgeons, Oswald was shot devastatingly. It was the kind of shot that should have incapacitated him immediately. So, how could he do that? It wasn't the bullet moving him there.

Finally, Oswald goes down, straight down, like a freight elevator at the TSBD.

Then, it was Penguin time. There were things that Blackie would interrupt his smoking for, but this wasn't one of them. 

Now, you have to think like a cop. What is the first thing they are going to try to do to this guy? Obviously, control his arm that was holding the gun, and they're already doing that. What comes next? It's getting him flat down on the ground. Seriously, that is what comes next, just crushing him down flat on the ground, face down, on the ground. And then? It would be getting his hands behind his back and cuffing him. But, in this case, they NEVER push him down to the ground. "Ruby" remains on his feet.

And "Ruby" stays on his feet. They escort him out of that garage on his feet. He is never pushed down to the ground. And nobody ever claimed that they hoisted him up and carried him out of there. They dragged him out of there on his feet, where his feet were on the ground moving along. They just covered him up as he walked out of there. Again, this is so contrary to normal police tactics. If they are wrestling with a violent offender, they will first make sure his weaponized arm is controlled, then push him down to the ground, and I mean in a crushing manner. They may even put a boot to the neck. And then, it's hands behind the back and handcuffs applied. That's it. No exceptions. It's what they do. But here, they, instead, danced him into the building. 

Folks, it's fake. It was a ruse. It was hoax. It was all an act. They were all working together: the cops, "Ruby", and even Oswald. They must have told him that they were going to get him out of this, but they had to fake his death for safety. But then, they double-crossed him and shot inside the PD. 

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