Monday, February 6, 2017

You have to realize just how damning this image is. They had him here. 'Ruby" was trapped like a rat. 

What ends a subduing? A subduing ends when the person is disarmed and put in restraints. That's what ends it. And it should have ended right here, right then. But no. In this case, "Ruby" had a lot of fight left in him. The struggle went further. It continued across the garage floor, and eventually, they struggled him into the building. But, there is no excuse for it not to have ended right here, right then, because they had him cold.  

And why prefer to force him through a doorway that was not only narrow but in a corner? You could only access the door from one side. Nobody could get on the other side of the door- because it was in the corner. So, why would you put off cuffing him right out in the open where you could operate 360?  And how did they know they were going to do the other? Surely, it can be recognized that police would normally subdue the violent offender and get him in restraints in place- before taking him anywhere. Since there was no verbal communication among the participating cops, how did they know that they were going to drag him through the door? Who told them to do it? How did they know it was going to happen?  I'll tell you how they knew: it was all planned in advance. They all knew in advance that as soon as the shooting went down, they were going to swarm around 'Ruby' and hustle him into the jail office.  It was an arrangement that they agreed upon in advance. How else would they have known to do it otherwise? There was no one giving orders or calling the shots. We don't hear any orders being given; we don't see any one pointing; we don't see anyone looking for direction. 

The point is that 'Ruby" was totally captured right here, and it should have gone nowhere except to final resolution right here; for him to be put into restraints right here in this spot:

And the fact that he wasn't tells you that there was something else going on, that the caption of the picture is not telling the truth about the picture. These cops were not struggling with 'Ruby', and he was not struggling with them. They were all working together. The goal was to keep Bookhout under cover and usher him into the building without being seen. You can't explain this or justify it any other way. The official story, that they were fighting with Jack Ruby who was putting up a fierce, heroic battle, makes no sense. It isn't the least bit plausible. You've seen countless images of Jack Ruby afterwards. Isn't he the most docile person you've ever seen? And look how ridiculously big the man in the middle is. Look how huge his body is compared to his head. He's a freak! And he wasn't that big. We know who he was: Detective Thomas McMillon, and he was a skinny guy.

It's time for everyone to admit that the official story of Oswald's shooting is just as fake and phony as the official story of JFK's. In fact, it's more fake because at least JFK was really shot at the time.

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