Friday, February 3, 2017

A question has come up as to whether "Ruby" was taken down to the ground. Didn't Leavelle grab the nape of his neck and push him down to the ground? 

No, "Ruby" was never pushed down to the ground. This is what I mean by being pushed down to the ground:

Even after Leavelle was no longer engaged with "Ruby", "Ruby" was still on his feet.

There you see "Ruby". You see how tiny he was compared to Blackie Henderson. In fact, he looks tiny compared to all those men. But, I think they deliberately had their biggest men be the penguins. But, the point is that "Ruby" is still on his feet. And he never left his feet. He was hustled out of there, but when you're pushed down to the ground, like the men above, you don't go anywhere. They process you right there, meaning that they get handcuffs on you right there and then. They don't try to take you anywhere until you are cuffed. 

They subdue the guy right there. The imperative is not to take him anywhere. It is to subdue him on the spot, and they do it by taking him to the ground, flat on the ground.

But, they did not do that to "Ruby" in the garage, and I am outraged by it. Here he was armed and had already fatally shot someone, and according to Jim Leavelle was still trying to pull the trigger to kill someone else (Leavelle himself) and police responded to that without taking him flat down to the ground? That is inexcusable. It is unjustifiable. It defies all reason. 

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