Friday, February 3, 2017

Here is the 3rd floor of the PD, including the Homicide Bureau.

Notice at the bottom a little to the right of center, there was the squad room. That is the room where Lovelady was supposedly sitting at the desk when Oswald was led in there. But, notice that it was a dead-end. There was no place to go except a tiny supply room that doubled as another interview room. Reportedly, Oswald was being taken to Fritz. But, Fritz wasn't in his office. He was still at the TSBD collecting evidence. But, why did they go past Fritz' office? What was the purpose of taking him into the squad room? To check that little supply room? 

What did he expect to find there? Fritz waiting? In there? It was like a closet.   

We know that the interrogations were held in Fritz' office not in any little interview room. There were a lot of men involved. So, I don't know what this was all about. But, I believe there is a lot of fakery in this image. I don't believe the huge clock on the coat rack was real. I don't believe Oswald's shirt was real. It looks like art, and poor art at that.  

But, the most important thing is that Lovelady was NOT at that desk, and he never claimed to be at that desk. Neither him, nor his chatty wife Patricia, ever claimed that this encounter between him and Oswald ever took place. And Lovelady denied it: twice. He denied ever seeing Oswald again that day after they broke for lunch. He denied it to Joseph Ball of the Warren Commission, and he denied to Kenneth Brooten of the HSCA 12 years later. How could he forget such a thing if it happened?

So, this is fake:

First, that isn't even Lovelady. Does that look like a 26 year old man to you? He looks more like the father of a 26 year old to me. And they pasted his image into the frame. He wasn't there.

And then, there is this version:

This is definitely a different take. The man pretending to be Lovelady is different, but so are the others. This was not seen until the Three Shots That Changed America film by the History Channel came out in 2009.  They went to a hell of a lot of trouble to fake this thing. It is intriguing to consider exactly how they did it. It is definitely a composite image in which the background was taken from the original. But, let's remember that 2009 was well within the realm of advanced computer-generated-imagery.

Billy Lovelady was never in the squad room. It wasn't foisted on the public for the first time until 1977 during the HSCA. So, how could it go unnoticed for 14 years? And, the HSCA chose NOT to include it in their analysis and report. There's not a word about it. But, it did appear in timely newspaper articles about the case.   

And it was faked all because of the shirt. They wanted to show that Lovelady wore a long-sleeved plaid shirt rather than a short-sleeved striped shirt. But, he did wear a short-sleeved striped shirt. 

So, they went through all the footages they had looking for a spot where they could insert Lovelady into it, properly dressed, and they settled on this footage. 

There is absolutely no doubt about this, and anyone who wants to fight about it, get 'em up. 

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