Friday, February 3, 2017

Just think for a minute about Ruby saying that: "You all know me! I'm Jack Ruby!" Why would he say that to police if he knew he had just shot a man? He would only say it if, as far as he knew, he hadn't done anything, and they were attacking him for no reason.

So, the question is: was Jack Ruby so deranged mentally as to be unaware that he shot Oswald? But, what basis is there to claim that? And you can't assume that he cleverly thought of saying it just to make himself look insane.    

I am reminded of an episode of Law and Order in which a Mafia kingpin, who is in a wheelchair, is pretending to have Alzheimer's disease just to appear to be incompetent to stand trial. So, what Jack McCoy does is have to these two guys feign getting into a brawl right there in the courtroom. And the Mafia guy, who usually looked stuporous, like he was ready to drool, quickly came to alert attention and manually rolled his wheelchair out of the way of the scuffle. And Jack McCoy caught it on tape.

So, was Jack Ruby pretending? Putting on an act?  Did he have it all worked out in advance that he would shoot Oswald and then shout his wonderment at why police were subduing him? No way. You can't assume that. What good would it to do him? It's not as though they were going to let him go. So, when he said it, he must have meant it, that he didn't know why they were pouncing on him. And even though I recognize that Jack Ruby wasn't right in his head, his ability to know what he did just a second before was intact. The idea that he had instant amnesia is ridiculous. He didn't know what he had done because he hadn't done anything. 

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