Saturday, February 4, 2017

Let's look at the testimony of Detective Clardy.

He claimed to be in the garage, but he claimed not to be looking at the trio, and all he saw was a blur of movement when "Ruby" rushed in and shot Oswald. He did not claim to be one of the Penguins. And, he claimed that by the time he got into the jail office, they had Ruby in cuffs. 

It makes you wonder why they didn't cuff "Ruby" in the garage, but I digress. 

He said that he, McMillon, and Archer took Ruby up to the 5th floor, and they stayed with him up there until it was time to go to Captain Fritz' office. 

He made it sound like Ruby said that there was one officer there on foot guarding the ramp entrance, keeping people out, but when Rio Pierce drove out, that this officer stepped up to talk to Pierce, and that's when Ruby snuck in unseen.

How plausible is that? First, in Ruby's telling, he never made it sound like sneaking in was any part of it, that he was making a conscious effort not to be seen by Pierce and the other officer. But secondly, since this was one of just two entrances to the garage from the street, and the other one on Commerce Street was being heavily guarded by multiple officers, how come there was just one officer there on Main Street, and how come he was so easily outsmarted by Ruby?

But continuing with Clardy, he said that once they got up to the 5th floor, that first FBI Agent Sorrels showed up to talk to Ruby for 10 minutes, and he was followed by FBI Agent Hall who talked to him for hours. Clardy said that they remained up there with Ruby until it was time to bring him to Fritz office, which was 3:30 PM. He said that in his original statement, he had said 2:30 PM but it was actually 3:30 PM.

But, there is no mention by Clardy of Detective Boyd being involved in this immediate aftermath handling of Jack Ruby, nor of Detectives Sims or Hall being involved. Therefore, how can you explain this image?

How could Boyd, Sims, and Hall be with Jack Ruby shortly after the shooting when Clardy, McMillon, Archer, and two FBI Agents were with Jack Ruby until 3:30 PM, according to Clardy? It proves that the man in this picture was NOT Jack Ruby. While those other detectives were with the real Jack Ruby, these three were here with James Bookhout. And what they were going to do and did do shortly thereafter was release him back into circulation as himself, James Bookhout. And of course, we can see that he is not Jack Ruby.

I have noted in the disparity in the length of their necks. Ruby's neck was longer than Bookhout's. Their noses were very different. Bookhout's was narrow; Ruby's was pyramidal. Of course, Ruby's face was longer while Bookhout's face was rounder. 

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