Saturday, February 4, 2017

Leavelle's exchange with Oswald about the danger of being shot was actually more extensive. It started with the funny "If someone shoots at you, I hope he's as good a shot as you are..." to which Oswald supposedly voiced no objection to being called a good shot for the way he shot Kennedy and Tippit, even though for two days he was repeating over and over and over, and certainly in Leavelle's presence, that he hadn't shot anyone, that he committed no acts of violence, etc. How would you feel under those circumstances if it were you? If you were saying something over and over, and the guy just glibly says the opposite as though he never heard you say it? It would be very irritating, and were I Oswald, I'd have lashed out at him verbally and profanely. But, it didn't end there. Then, Leavelle said something like: 

Leavelle: If something happens, I hope you know what to do.
Oswald: I'm just going to do whatever you do.
Leavelle: In that case, you'll hit the deck.

I have a feeling Leavelle thinks this is some clever shit. But regardless, the point is that: they continued talking about it. And this was right before they walked out the door into the garage. 

So, if this was Leavelle's mindset, that this situation represented a risk to Oswald, that there could be somebody out there bent on shooting him, why didn't he look around once he got outside? If it was a war zone, and apparently he thought it was, why didn't he scan the field of battle looking for threats? Why instead did he walk out like he was a horse with blinders on? Why did he have to be so useless when he was supposed to be Oswald's protector? And everything he said about it was a lie. That he saw Ruby, that he saw the gun, that he knew what was about to happen, that he tried to jerk Oswald behind him, that he shoved at Ruby- all of that is a complete and total lie. But wait. It's worse than that. If he really thought that Oswald was at risk, WHY WAS HE DOING IT AT ALL? If he thought there was any chance that an attacker could be lurking, why didn't he stop and clear the garage; remove everybody except police, and then put Oswald into the car? Why was it necessary to do this at all? And if you're going to say that it wasn't his decision, then I'm going to say that it was his responsibility. And I would say the same thing to all of them, including Fritz and Curry: why do it at all? If they were getting numerous death threats against Oswald, why not tell the press to go fuck themselves and get the hell out? They weren't owed anything. Oswald had already become the most photographed murderer in the history of crime. Look at all the images the press got of him that weekend already. No criminal ever had more. It is ridiculous to the absurd to think that allowing the media to photograph Oswald getting into a car was some kind of imperative. 

Again I ask, "Why didn't Marina Oswald and Marguerite Oswald sue the Dallas Police Department for the wrongful death of Lee Harvey Oswald?" If the DPD's flagrant incompetence of letting Ruby walk down the ramp led to Oswald's death, then why weren't they held accountable in a court of law? And since there was no legal or police reason to make a spectacle out of putting Oswald in a car and exposing him to the risk, and just for the sake of indulging the media, then it was a terrible exploitation and abuse of Oswald, for which there should have been consequences.  

But, it's all bull shit. In truth, they outright killed Oswald. That's what this was about: the Dallas Police killing Oswald, and the order came down from the President of the United States. That's why there were no consequences. That's why Marina didn't sue. This was the execution of Lee Harvey Oswald by the Dallas Police Department. This was a dog and pony show, trying to make it look like, despite their best efforts, a lone nut got through and killed Oswald. Shame. Pity. "And here we had all that expectation and warnings that it would happen, and lo and behold, it did. Imagine that. But, what could we do? We're only human."  

You'd have to be awfully stupid to believe that shit. And some of the men who did it are still alive and still lying about it. 

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