Saturday, February 4, 2017

Now, let's look at Detective McMillon's statement. First, he claimed to be a Penguin.

Mr. GRIFFIN. I want to go back to what happened on the 24th. As I understand it from the reports that I have marked here for identification, you remained with Ruby from the time that he was brought into the jail office until about 3:30 in the afternoon. Is that correct?
Mr. McMILLON. I was with Ruby from the time that I first grabbed an arm out there and the scuffle followed; I was with him from that point until about 3:30 in the afternoon, and during this time that I was with him on the fifth floor until 3:30 in the afternoon.

This is McMillon according to Denis Morrissette:

Hey, I think I recognize him. I think he may the guy who did the nod.

Shit, yes! That's him! He's the guy who nodded to somebody before it went down. 

And here he is doing his Penguin thing:

And then, he very smartly got his back to the camera; the human shield, that is, camera shield.

They definitely used their tallest men here because the idea was to cover Bookhout up. 

Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, when you got Ruby up to the fifth floor, was he dressed?
Mr. McMILLON. Yes.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, did there come a time when you searched him thoroughly and undressed him?
Mr. McMILLON. Yes.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Were you present during that time?
Mr. McMILLON. During part of that time.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Do you recall who else was present?
Mr. McMILLON. Detective Archer, Detective Clardy, some of the jail personnel.

What did Griffin say? He asked whether Ruby was dressed when they got him up to the 5th floor? How could he not be dressed? What, was he naked? What kind of question is that? 

And how do you undress a guy who is in handcuffs? You can't even do it for him. You HAVE to remove the cuffs. So after just cuffing him in the jail office, they rode him up to the 5th floor and then immediately removed the handcuffs? But, how could the need for the cuffs subside so fast? How could they feel safe to remove them so soon after such a titanic struggle? How did things calm down quite so fast? And since searching him did not require disrobing him, why did they do it? Whose idea was it? These were detectives. They were supposedly told by Captain King to take Ruby upstairs, but did King tell them to stripe him? We weren't told that. So, who decided that Ruby needed to get out of his clothes?

The rest of McMillon's testimony had to do with whether he heard Ruby say he entered the garage by walking down the Main Street ramp, and he confirmed that he did. But, it was also mentioned that Ruby said something about his dog being in the car and needing tending. 

Mr. GRIFFIN. Did you have any information at the time you got a hold of these keys as to whether the car was locked or unlocked?
Mr. McMILLON. I don't remember that. It had come up in the conversation some way that he had a dog in the car.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, how did that come up?
Mr. McMILLON. I don't remember that, but maybe Jack asked us to take care of his dog or something like that. I don't know.

It's amazing how much is missing here. After stripping Ruby and searching him, did they then give him an alternate outfit of clothing to wear? But, if Ruby was with them until 3:30 and then went to Fritz' office for his first official interrogation, what was he wearing at that time? And what accounts for the images in the hallway when Ruby was obviously still wearing his own clothes?

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