Saturday, February 4, 2017

Now I've done something that I should have done long ago: I have looked at the Fred Rheinstein 30 year retrospective on the Oswald shooting at the scene that came before the frames of "Ruby" by the elevator with Boyd, Sims, and Hall, where Ruby was really Bookhout.

What we see before that is Ruby being led down a hall crowded with reporters. But, which Ruby is it? The real one or Bookhout?

Who is that? It's definitely Boyd behind him, but is that Ruby or Bookhout? It's a hallway crowded with reporters, so I am thinking that it must be the real Ruby because they would never have paraded Bookhout in front of the press. 

And it is definitely Sims in front of him.

Whoever he was, he was definitely wearing his own shirt. This was not the cabana shirt.

Here he is closer:

OK, so that is definitely the real Jack Ruby. So, what was this scene?

It's probably the same hallway where we saw Oswald being brought to Fritz' office for another interrogation.

Look at the horizontal ceiling lighting in the hallway when Oswald was brought to Fritz' office. 

It's also in the hallway with Ruby.

So, don't you think it's likely that it was the same hallway and the same situation: taking the prisoner to Fritz to be interrogated? The difference is that with Ruby, they approached the office from the other direction. So, they turned left into the office rather than right.

But, that puts the time at 3:30 because we have multiple witnesses stating that Ruby remained up on the 5th floor with McMillan, Archer and Crady, and visited by Sorrels and Hall and Officer Patrick Dean, until 3:30 at which time he was taken to Fritz' office. So, officially, Ruby went from the jail office up to the 5th floor, where he was supposedly stripped, and the at 3:30 he was brought down to the 3rd floor, and apparently Boyd and Sims came up and got him and brought him down. But, why is Ruby still in his own shirt there if he was stripped earlier by Archer and company? Did they strip him and then put his own clothes back on him? 

What follows that doorway scene above is the famous scene of Bookhout by the elevator with Boyd, Sims, and Hall.

So, it is a total disconnect; a bait and switch. One did NOT follow the other. In fact, this one, which follows the other in the film, had to come long before the other. This must have been taken scant minutes after the shooting and shortly before they let Bookhout go. 

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