Saturday, February 4, 2017

There are a lot more images of Boyd than Sims, but there are some of Sims.

So now I think we are ready to complete the naming of the figures in the Bookhout photo. 

Boyd must have been sitting. He was a very tall man. Much taller than Sims. Just look at the picture above. But, if he was sitting, it means that they were planted there. They were waiting. And I don't mean for the elevator. Nobody sits to wait for an elevator. They're not even looking in the direction of the elevator, and when people are waiting for elevators, they keep looking at the indicator to see where the elevator is. They were waiting as in killing time. They were going to release Bookhout back into circulation but not too soon. This makes sense because if you read through it, you find out that Boyd, Sims, and Hall were like a team. They worked together throughout the weekend. They were thick as thieves. 

I just checked, and Sims testified to the WC as well, and was also questioned by Joseph Ball. And guess what? Ball didn't ask him a thing about Ruby. The name "Jack Ruby" did not occur in the exchange. Here above you are supposedly seeing Sims with Jack Ruby a very short time after the Oswald shooting, and Joseph Ball did not want to know a thing about it. 

Boyd and Sims were NOT with Ruby following the shooting; they were with Bookhout. It was those other detectives I mentioned, Clardy, McMillon and Archer who were with Jack Ruby, the real Jack Ruby. They're the ones who heard his initial statements, not Boyd and Sims. But, Boyd could hardly say that he was with Bookhout after the shooting. So, he changed it to Ruby since Bookhout was supposed to be Ruby. 

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