Saturday, February 4, 2017

This image really is a smoking gun.

Jack Ruby was hustled into the jail office wearing a jacket, and he was immediately handcuffed. I'm sure they didn't invite him to take his jacket off first before they handcuffed him, and nobody has ever claimed that. And once handcuffs go on over a jacket, there is no getting the jacket off unless you take the handcuffs off. So, what this picture tells us is that Ruby was handcuffed twice: once with his jacket on and then again after his jacket was taken off. But, the story of the picture is that this is him when he was first handcuffed- when he was first brought into the jail office.  But, I hope you can now see that it is impossible. 

So, that means the story is a lie. He must have been handcuffed in his jacket and then taken up to the 5th floor, as reported. Then, they must have removed his handcuffs and then removed his jacket, and undoubtedly unbuttoned his shirt and tried to make him look as disheveled as possible, and then they cuffed him again. And then they brought him downstairs again to the jail office. Why? Because it was like a catwalk for him. You know how models have catwalks? Well, this was Ruby's catwalk. They were thrusting him onto the world stage. This was his first sighting, post-shooting. And since he wasn't involved in the Oswald shooting, this was his first sighting, period. They had to sow the real Jack Ruby into the story, juxtaposed to Oswald and everything that was going on. He was brought back downstairs for the camera; that's all. This was the bait and switch. This was Jack Ruby taking the baton from James Bookhout and relieving him of his duty to play Jack Ruby. 

It can't possibly be right after his arrest. Again: he had his jacket on, and he was immediately handcuffed. Not in the garage where he should have been immediately handcuffed, but in the jail office. He was handcuffed in the jail office wearing his jacket. So, this image of him handcuffed in just a shirt had to be taken some time later. He was removed from the jail office and then brought back. He was brought back to assume his role. And that is what we are seeing here. 

Jack Ruby did NOT shoot Lee Harvey Oswald. And this picture, like the story that goes with it, is part of the big lie, a lie that lasted for exactly 50 years. And I say 50 years because it was in 2013 that Maksim Irukutsk, of Russia, put up his Youtube video: Jack Ruby did not kill Lee Harvey Oswald.

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